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  1. Unless he has his right leg tucked behind him, Jay is much too small here, and I think y’all know what I mean.

  2. Promo still for failed TV cop pilot Plinkett’s Angels with Mike Stoklasa as Bosley

  3. All it would take are two rent boys willing to lie under oath about sleeping with Ted and some god-tier deepfaked video of him getting ham-slammed by them and the GOP will drop him in nothing flat.

  4. “Love Is Blindless” by U2 (due to actual song)

  5. McConnell, in my opinion, the earth cannot have you soon enough.

  6. They only care about themselves and will only get rid of one of their own if he is caught being gay in public.

  7. It’s…not…going…to…happen.

  8. I’m still trying to return that razor to Occam. He’s not exactly where I thought he’d be, for some reason.

  9. Stew Peters allegedly catches salty slurps behind the adult bookstore for $20 and some crack.

  10. Congrats to Pat on her Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction later this year!

  11. Still bracing for any news of copycat gunmen over the next few weeks…

  12. I bet the coach ripped them all new ones afterwards for that awesome stunt.

  13. Part 2. Ginny all the way. Screw that “Jason, attacked me as a kid and somehow I escaped” nonsense, Chris. That’s not Jason’s M.O.

  14. I wanted to kill Patricia Wettig’s character (for which she won an Emmy) for constantly yelling at her hyper kid: “Ethan! Ethan! Ethan!”

  15. Sean connery played his dad at 59 and Harrison is now 79. I don't know what that means, but was curious.

  16. I would love it if Indy went back to the Grail Cave and found a digitally de-aged Elsa, still 30, immortal but stuck in the crevasse and unable to die having drunk from the grail with her own blood.

  17. Very, very sad. RIP, sir. I am also not looking forward to Duran Duran going down this road.

  18. I would say, “Sir, is that your knee in my back, or are you just happy to see me?”

  19. Yep. I keep thinking “Is this the ride when I get stabbed?”

  20. I think this is directed to the people living in a country where breaking a bone can put you in crippling debt and 180 your life

  21. Go to Texas and tell the doctors you have a fetus developing in your broken finger? /s

  22. I have a gay friend who’s very gruff and very…um…gifted. He confessed recently that his greatest shame is being attracted to Ted Cruz because, he friend says, there’s something about Ted’s face rust simply screams “insatiable submissive bottom.”

  23. Her thing is to purposely say stupid stuff so she gets reactions. Those get clicks, ad $$$ follows, and she get richer.

  24. Dude is begging to inspire a Black Mirror episode based on him.

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