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  1. Weird as I was just looking at this card on feebay making a mental note on how I want to scoop it up … love it!

  2. Very nice! This is how I like to collect my PC also. Good luck in your pursuit of the Bonds!

  3. No but seriously. How do you know he did this. Please do tell. I’m eager to learn

  4. Sorry, not going to engage with someone who is defending a wife beater.

  5. Because there was never any proof just an allegation during a messy divorce during the second phase of the proceedings. That’s it. You can speculate all you want but that’s all it is. Internet guesswork.

  6. This egregious behavior breaks my heart. Being a fellow masshole I wish I could have an amateur style boxing match for the rights to it and clean his clock. With only redheads as the ring girls. I’d wear an Acuna jersey for my walkout. And hold the bat down pose after the KO (check right hook in the second rnd). I hope something positive comes of this OP. Worcester is a decent size city with scumbag pockets/crime so the police should be well equipped to handle pretty much anything if you get them involved (I hope). Best of luck.

  7. I hope this ends in a full on SWAT style raid and this guy being cuffed and dragged outside wearing Altuve undies.

  8. As it turns out, advocating for the lynching of journalists ends up rubbing journalists the wrong way.

  9. Advocating? That’s reads like a HuffPost headline. It was sarcasm directed towards the media or whatever if I recall correctly, no?. He wasn’t walking the streets with a megaphone barking about hanging Dan Shaughnessy

  10. All it takes is accusations nowadays heh. But sure if Buff Bagwell is in mine an well have Souped up Sammy in there. Either way I’m team disgrace Bonds isn’t in. You do a good job pointing out the circle jerk inconsistencies among HOF voters.

  11. In 2018 and 2019 baseball gave us Acuna, Soto, Ohtani, Vlad & Tatis (among others). I just want to see what these players can compile for stats, achievements and accolades thru their careers and fucking Covid and now the Rockies owner (the last time the Rockies were cool Tulo was good) are ruining it for me. Excuse my language kids. Getting old middle of the night poop rant

  12. No that’s actually helpful Thank you I appreciate it! I still don’t know if I should hold onto it or sell it now

  13. Take a few nights to mull imo…he plays Wednesday night on National TV I think…if you decide to sell you could always put it up for sale then (right before tip-off) 👍

  14. Looking for any insert or rare cards of

  15. Looking to trade for Tatum, brown, Williams III. Send me what you have and what you’re looking for, thank you!

  16. Randomly have a psa 9 shock Prizm Luka optic rc for trade lol? I have slabbed Tatum and Brown RC’s + some unslabbed parallels but (being a Boston guy) only will move for a luka I want to add to the p/c…shot in the dark

  17. That debuted in 1995. So this has to be at least 95 -to late 96. He has the same looking attire he faced Mankind in during their Buried Alive Match in 1996.

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