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  1. I live in a building with an antiquated smoke alarm. I don't crank the heat past 5 because of it. Irregardless, I'm getting good results. I make it a point to give my skillet and pans plenty of time to preheat; at least 6-7 minutes. I find canola oil and grapeseed oil don't smoke as readily. I brush it on the different things I grill. Meat, fish, veggies and fruit. I also use canola cooking spray. I find it works better than brushing oil on the grates/ribs. BTW: two cleaning tools I swear by are the OXO brush and Lodge has a scraper designed to scrape their pans. Clean pans don't smoke as readily as funky ones.

  2. Finding a different job would help. Restaurants are crazy hectic and don't pay that well.


  4. There's probably only so much crazy a man can take. Maybe, Perry moves on and finds a wife that looks and behaves like a lady?

  5. Meanwhile, MTG proceeds to vent by shooting wild hogs out of a “Stupid Ass” helicopter.

  6. Literally, hunting from a helicopter is about as sporting as shooting fish in a barrel. Says all you need to know about who and what she is.

  7. I find things that are acidic will strip away some of the seasoning. I usually give the pan a light coat of oil afterwards and keep on cooking.

  8. Unemployment is at record lows and employers are desperate to find help. I'm going to encourage you to keep looking. I know several people who've found much better paying jobs during the past two years.

  9. A random girl once went up to my friend in a bar and said, "That's the ugliest shirt I've ever seen," and then walked away.

  10. OP's problem solved! Get your guy out to a bar and have Random Girl stroll over to comment on his clothes.

  11. Having steak with a potato, sweet potato, french fries or an ear of corn is far more common. We used to go to a place in the 1960's that served awesome steaks on wooden plates along with tossed salad and garlic bread. 😋 I never heard of steak with rice but, you do you. Enjoy.

  12. NOBODY would have dreamed that Biden and the Democrats could have passed the legislation they did with a 50/50 Senate. There's nothing "sleepy" about Joe Biden.

  13. Her aunt chose the right niece to give that to. Good job. Looks great.

  14. My X used to cut my hair. For Valentine's Day one year she took off her blouse and bra. I got a topless haircut!

  15. I bake potato chips all the time but wouldn't dream of doing it with a pan full of oil in an oven (fire hazard). I use a baking sheet lined with parchment. My sisters both use baking dishes and cut their potatoes like you would French fries. I put the potato chips in a mixing bowl and coat them with olive oil and seasoning. I then spread them out and bake them at 420° for 20 minutes. I suppose you could do that with a cast iron skillet too. If you're looking to deep fry stove top I'd recommend using a dutch oven if you have one. High walls to contain the grease.

  16. Let's also not forget that AOC would have absolutely zero accomplishments to run on or sell to the all-important median voter. A sure bet if we want to lose miserably.

  17. We all have our own opinions and IMO there's only two potential candidates named in this article that would have a chance of winning the general election: Gretchen Whitmer and Secretary Pete.

  18. My dad lived to be 97. I moved in with him and my mom to help them out. You always have to mind the fact he's your grandfather but so long as he knows you love him and care for him, he should accept your help. That said, there's going to be times he thinks he's 30 years younger and won't appreciate it. Roll with it and accept it won't always be easy.

  19. Naziano's rally was poorly advertised. It was posted in language above a third grade reading level.

  20. I'd like to see someone fold an omelette in half with just a shake. My dad was able to do that.

  21. I see your girlfriend's not a fan of cooking oil. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  22. Will Abbott and DeSantis start flying immigrants to Russia to serve in the army?

  23. Military service is a classic path to citizenship.

  24. So, Abbott and DeSantis would welcome their comrades back with open arms?

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