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  1. I moved from Windsor to Ottawa a few years back. During my first Ottawa winter I pulled my old winter coat out from storage and my boyfriend laughed and said “that’s not a winter coat, but you can wear that kind of coat around April when it gets warmer” haha

  2. A ROCK FOR CHRISTMAS LMFAO me and my bf are both uni students and had no jobs this Christmas because of covid but unlike ur bf I did not get my bf a rock for Christmas and instead planned a full day of his favourite outdoor activities, made dinner, used any extra money I had to get him a gift on sale, bought maple syrup to make snow candy, and knitted him mittens and a matching hat. Even if ur bf is broke he’s just choosing to be thoughtless who gets someone a rock as a gift💀

  3. It’s my favourite part of the album honestly (and I also really liked the album, not sure why people don’t like it that much?). The Tyler verse is great IMO- it’s just short and sweet like a couple seconds of something I wanna wrap myself in. Same vibes as Carmen by jay squared I think

  4. One time the Uber driver left the restaurant, came to our house, and then went back to the restaurant because he forgot the food there! Thankfully it was just down the street from us so it was only a five minute drive at most, but it sure would’ve sucked if the drive was longer haha

  5. Omg. Nevermind. I asked my boyfriend and he showed me the confirmation email and it’s the most obvious scam I’ve ever seen🥲 I should’ve made sure I was the one buying the merch lol

  6. Kara Mia- I liked it at first but the chefs don’t wear masks (you can see into the kitchen) and last time I went I asked the server if he wanted to see my vaccine passport and he just said no and walked away… another time I saw the chef drop a steak and still serve it to a customer but on a different plate.

  7. Me and my boyfriend haven’t used condoms for almost two years now, but the condoms that I do still have are kept in my purses. Not sure why, we live together and we never use them (and I’m definitely not cheating), but I guess I just think if we’re not home and the situation arises we have backup on us so it’s not messy lol. Never used them while out, but I’ve even been thinking about replacing them just because they’re old. Never really thought it would be weird

  8. To be clear though my boyfriend knows I have them and if they were for my dildo he would know about that too. Ur wife is acting sketchy so I doubt they’re for what she says they are

  9. But They’re all the same cold and soulless hellholes??

  10. No the third one is the same cold and soulless hellhole but it probably also has some bugs in it because of the plants too!

  11. I used it once and the person on the other end treated me like I was a child and was using this high pitched tone in their voice like you’d use for a panicking toddler. It was horrible I even asked them to stop and they straight up said that I needed it. Feeling such intense emotions and being treated that way when you try and talk about it is super embarrassing and condescending. I was too embarrassed to kill myself after that though so really that phone call saved my life!

  12. I got mine for $600 it looks just like this but then it turned out to be bootleg sorry :/

  13. Omg chill the fuck down, like ur immunocompromised and barely have cold symptoms, omicron is really nothing like stop complaining and being a little bitch

  14. Lol. Actually I can’t even stand up on my own without lots of help and I passed out earlier trying to walk across my room to grab a bottle of water. You’re right though, classic cold symptoms I’m just being dramatic 👍

  15. Can you describe your symptoms and what made you decide to get tested?

  16. I’m immunocompromised so the symptoms I have are pretty intense and for me it’s mostly problems moving (I just had to get help walking down my hallway because I couldn’t stand up on my own). My roommate just has a cough (wet cough) and issues with temperature right now so it doesn’t sound too bad for regular people

  17. Walkerville is very nice, I went to high school there! However, if you go too far past willistead manor (around where the strip clubs start) then you’ll get into a scary part of town (in the three years I went to walkerville there were two shootings and one attempted stabbing in that area).

  18. From what I’ve learned in my past relationships is that there’s no such thing as a fight that isn’t important no matter how small it is! When I get mad at my partner over things like putting the keys in the wrong spot it’s never really about the keys. Take these things and think about why they affect you guys this way! Also think about why these things might be so important to you (important enough to argue over)

  19. terry's also makes a flat bar, similar to a dairymilk. same chocolate as the orange, but you don't have to mess about smashing it. i get them every week at walmart👍🏼

  20. What do you mean smashing it?? I didn’t grow up with the tradition but I tried my first one this year and picked it apart piece by piece but if they’re supposed to be eaten another way I’d definitely wanna try haha

  21. Make sure to stay safe and get lots of rest! I was doing okay day one (other than a migraine lol) but after trying to continue doing my house chores and getting out of bed it got a lot worse and now I can barely stand😅 try not to do more physical activity thank you need to!

  22. What breed is the beige one?? My boy looks the exact same rabbit but the last owner didn’t know what type he was

  23. I love them both!! I also think it would be so cool to switch it up like pants 1 with top 2 or something! :)

  24. I don’t have to worry about making faces while I’m carrying heavy trays/plates to large tables (waitress)

  25. NEED a rug!! It’ll help tie the room together but also omg!! Aren’t your feet cold walking around without one!!

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