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  1. Apsara in Perumbavoor.. not exactly kochi but defenitely in Ekm district

  2. Bro ayin leoyude shooting pollum thudangilala..

  3. Thats true... Most possibly these numbers are fake.. but, It is possible that OTT platforms bid early based on the Creators with a track record.. And Lokesh's track record is gold and add in Thalapathy to the mix so it maybe possible that OTT rights could be offered this early on..

  4. Ithra eluppam ott kodukkuvo?? I don't think so. And this seems to be inflated number.

  5. Its 2023, do people really think Jeff bezos has 128 billion dollars just in his bank account lying around?

  6. Dude was part of SPF protecting the Prime Minister and rn is Personal Body guard of the Ambanis

  7. I am eagerly waiting for the interval block in this film. Bet it's going to be better than Vikram's.

  8. This aftermarket BS is regularly pedalled by automakers whenever a car catches fire.

  9. Cars during those era also didnt have lots of electronics like cars do today so it was not that risky to do electrical work..and No im not talking about infotainment... Modern cars have much higher count of onboard electronics and interfering with them requires a bit more complex knowledge... My bike autorevved the whole engine and nearly killed me because the power supply to ECU wasnt proper because battery got damaged.. Vehicles today are much more complex...

  10. How does the sound system relate to increased electronics in cars in context of fires?! You digressed pretty fast there!

  11. Im not going to argue with you if you think Sound system is the only electronics in a car...

  12. You lost the arguement way back.. you are just too stupid to realise it

  13. bro tu chutiya nahi anpadh gawar bhi he, tune ye prove kardiya. jaake mera pehla comment padh.. tera answer tujhe mil jaega...

  14. Im not watching it if Prakash Raj doesnt come screaming "Chellooo"...

  15. Man, I've been asking this to my girlfriends and her ass has been a mystery to us. On one hand, you can get that ass through working out religiously. On the other hand, it can be implants. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt... butt......

  16. If you can get the diesel variant then just go buy it because it's gonna be discontinued post BS 6.2 implementation in March.

  17. Even if i check for reports for backups, I won't find a proper one. . . Because people up there don't have the vivaram to report the crime. . On the other hand if a person is scammed in Kerala, they'll report it. Because they have vivaram. . Even if they don't have the vivaram, people around them might have vivaram and they'll help the victim to report the crime ...

  18. so you just made it up and assume that percentage is less for kerala because in your mind "malayali pwoli aada"

  19. The remaining 20 percent of your surety is correct. . I'm from Pune. I only come to Kerala once in 3-4 years. You live in Kerala, so maybe you know better. . You have more vivaram😂

  20. Acshually, 80% of my statement is kinda correct because afaik, Pune is not in UP, Bihar or MP, the states you claimed percentage wise fall more into scams than keralites, without any data because thwy are north indians... and the state which i claimed to have said you have never lived...

  21. Hey anybody knows how does big boy toyz sell cbu cars so cheaply? any loopholes?

  22. i mean most of them are like 5k km driven so technically yes...

  23. so no crazy taxes or cess.. i guess that explains why they go for cheap

  24. Amir Khan in a genius scam/ heist movie would be amazing... Not like Dhoom 3 though..No action preferrably

  25. Just go to a Maruti showroom and check out the Brezza and compare it with the Hyryder.

  26. How can people spread misinformation like this without any knowledge?

  27. A dude tried to grope me after me and a few friends asked for lift in his car and i was sitting in front seat.. my friends got down before me and the dude said, he would drop me till bus stop.. and he tried to touch me, I probably broke his nose..

  28. Yes, get some fat blue haired pervert who can speak slowly but has no clue what they are talking about to teach. Make the exams super easy so everyone gets A+s.

  29. The whole point of this conversation is you acting like a bitch on using English on Reddit

  30. No the whole point is making fun of south indians and asking them to not speak their local language like the meme implies..

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