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  1. 'No Way To Prevent This,' Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

  2. So instead we are “let’s pass ineffective and burdensome proposals so it looks like we are doing something”

  3. Since most “gun violence” is suicides, how about funding better mental health and suicide prevention services?

  4. I blame media contagion, hyping this shitbag, and the fact that kids will do anything to disrupt or get out of school.

  5. Not sure why you are getting downvoted. There have been calls for years by scientists to treat it as a contagion situation like suicides. Unfortunately the media the old saying still applies "if it bleeds it leads".

  6. just drive out of state do a nice big buy and drive home

  7. If NJ follows CA’s lead then out of state purchases would be prohibited too.

  8. Serious question. How would they determine if it's an out of state purchase? How is this even enforceable? If you make the seller's check ID how do they know that you're going to actually bring it into New Jersey and not use it out of state? Or am I just file this under another on enforceable law that's only going to come into play well after a crime has been committed?

  9. If it is like CA then it would be like fireworks: NJSP sits at the parking lot of PA/DE stores looking for NJ plates and then pulls them over when they cross the border.

  10. Also worth adding almost anything can result in injury or death when misused, you very well can kill yourself by misusing advil, swinging a bat without making sure no one is behind you. The chance of death happening isn’t unique to guns

  11. On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

  12. Im gonna be that guy to tell you it was actually a Chinook transport helicopter. Those things can transport tanks though, which is pretty fuckin cool. Almost as cool as an Apache

  13. Unless they make an AH-47 version, like the AC-130, there is no way a Chinook is as cool as an Apache.

  14. They actually did make one! Well, 4 of them. They were used experimentally in Vietnam. 3 of the deployed ACH 47s were lost in various ways (taxi collision, shooting it's own blades, and enemy fire). The 4th one was sent back to America, and served as a training craft.

  15. Dented like a Lombardi trophy.

  16. I love watching ManningCast for games I don’t care about. They’re like the NFL version of MST3K.

  17. It’s good for games that become blowouts but for competitive games yeah I can’t watch it

  18. I’m ok with some of the tangents they go on, especially for boring games. The problem is they stop following and commenting on the game too often. Providing game commentary and incite would be preferred. Though maybe that’s on purpose so they don’t “compete” with the normal MNF commentators.

  19. there's a NJ mag case in SCOTUS now. they have yet to determine if they are hearing it.

  20. I had forgotten the NJ got past the third circuit. So scotus could revert it back to the third to settle based on bruen, same as the CA case. Not ideal, but better than a new case having to work it’s way through the system.

  21. it's better to have the case settled by the highest court in the land. Reverting back just gives different circuits reason to have differing decisions and circuit splits which sends it back to the Supreme Court.

  22. True. Having scotus take and strike down either the CA or NJ mag ban themselves would be ideal. I was thinking of the case where they don’t want to take another 2A case so soon after Bruen. In that case reverting both back to their respective circuit to rehear (with the implication it should be struck based on Bruen) is better than a deny.

  23. Why not both sponsor money and Belichick tribute?

  24. When you say Router do you mean one of the Eeros? Or your isp’s router?

  25. Ah I see, so my PC should be connected to the gateway eero instead of the router? I was under the impression that I could still plug things into the router as well and maintain normal speeds.

  26. I guess it comes down to “can” versus “should”. I had always read that the only thing you want plugged into the device you received from your ISP is the gateway Eero. Though thinking about it that is if you are using the eero as your router (which is typical). In that configuration you want to disable any “router” and Wi-Fi features of your ISP’s device and let the Eero do it’s thing.

  27. That Meta commercial tells you absolutely nothing about the product. At least when car commercials do that you at least can figure out it’s about cars at the end.

  28. It’s Facebook. YOU are the product. Their devices/services are just the bait.

  29. Why are they talking about going for it 4th? FG ends the game.

  30. I feel dumber for watching this game to the end.

  31. The South Park Post Covid episode is easily the best episode in years.

  32. But not enough to buy Paramount+

  33. News article tomorrow: Chinese vlogger falls out of window in tragic accident.

  34. He reportedly fell 15 stories out a first-floor window.

  35. I read this in an Ed Rooney voice.

  36. This season is crazy! If we didn't lose the games we lost, we'd be undefeated right now! Who would have guessed that?

  37. The Miami game kinda stings the most. Looking at them now we should have beat them at home. Now we have to win in Miami to split.

  38. Thank folk for Nick Fu…wait…

  39. This fucking run defense. Holy shit. Every time he hits the center I expect him to pop out and keep going. Over 200 yards on the ground. Inexcusable

  40. Go look at google maps of the shipyard now. We still know how to do this.

  41. You don’t bring a pony keg as your carry-on?

  42. They should get him on the Manning cast during the pats bye week it would make Romos analysis look like Reddit’s

  43. Eli: for the love of god, coach, Can we talk about something besides long snappers of the 1970’s?

  44. When the foundation was first established in the books they really didn’t have a huge technological advantage versus the barbarian worlds next to them. If it came to all out war they would have lost to the Anacrions. That is why Hardin had to use politics to pit each barbarian world against the other to just survive the first crisis. The foundation didn’t have a massive technology advantage till 100+ years after it was established. That was when the barbarian worlds lost the ability of nuclear power

  45. I don’t disagree. From memory it was in between the first and second crisis when Terminus started pulling ahead. I don’t think that’s 100+ though. Still, my angst is mainly because they made Terminus look like a muddy trailer-park. The Foundation can grow kayaks in a tube and make paddles appear from nowhere but they can’t make sidewalks or buildings that don’t look like discarded cargo containers?

  46. I’ve read the books and are enjoying the show. It simply isn’t practical to have the show exactly like the books. You have to make changes. I don’t like all the changes but I’ll reserve judgment until each story arc concludes.

  47. Where does it say 1-3” for much of NJ?? The impact map shows most of NJ getting rain/sleet or a Trace of snow.

  48. Shame on you! For getting my hopes up.

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