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  1. love this verse so much haha I flipped it too. Sounds dope tho haha. Our tracks actually have some similarities

  2. Really cool idea. I actually like that a lot. My only gripe is that the instrumental and acapella aren’t exactly in sync with each other if you get what I mean. Not off beat but not in the pocket. Instrumental wild tho I could definitely see an rnb artist over that

  3. I'd recommend experimenting with putting your bass. whether it be 808 or sub bass in stereo and see if thats what you're looking for. theres a whole bunch of ways to make your bass hit harder. stereo is my go to tbh theres a reverb trick u can do too that travis scott uses on his 808s. hope that helps! I'd also recommend some tube saturation plugins. waves stereo tube is amazing and lil radiator by soundtoys is amazing as well

  4. Fire as hell. #noquantizegang. I’m in love with that snare rim shot thing good god it’s crisp

  5. Interesting feedback! Thank you for sharing. I actually enjoyed the mix/master of the track and liked the fast rap part for that short period, and I know others do as well. But I will certainly take this into account for future songs :)

  6. Yeah the fast vibe works for sure but idk something tells me the vocals need to come across more subtle instead of like hard boom boom bap type style

  7. I see your point, which is weird for me because I tried to keep it subtle with a build up. For me, it was a buildup into the hook/chorus which is why it progressively had to get more of a 'hard boom bap style' (as you say) the more closer the hook/chorus was getting. Also, the louder in volume was done to express love in the characters mind towards the person they were thinking of.

  8. That’s a really dope idea, I’m gonna listen back with that in mind and see if I can see where you’re coming from. I hope I’m not giving the wrong impression or being hateful. I can appreciate the work you’ve done and can tell you spent a good amt of time on it. With that being said I think it is a solid track but maybe not my style? Keep at it bro would be interested to hear what else u got goin on

  9. :14 is kinda jarring, I actually checked discord & my tabs cause i thought I had left another song/video playing. Your instrumental until :56 really overpowers the vocal- I can't hear it very well all throughout, and I'm really not sure if I'm intended to be understanding the lyrics. At about 1:10 the kinda choral element sounds quite nice for a sec, I think a little more of that could be added perhaps throughout the song as a bit of melodic reprieve. But definitely either cut up the volume on the vocals throughout or else bring the rest of the instruments down a bit.

  10. I appreciate the feedback man. I think I fixed it as well as turned the hats down a lil bit cuz they were a bit too piercing. uploaded a 3 min version because I really liked that idea myself

  11. Don't get me wrong, the percussion was a lil loud as well, but the... well, I'm self taught in all I know of music, I really just a harmonica player, but from what I understand, because the melodic instruments occupy a similar space in an equalizer they fight each other for said space-

  12. I totally forgot about the realm of panning. thank you imma try it on this longer version and pray it makes a noticeable difference

  13. this is pretty nice, not much feedback to give as its not my cup of tea but I can appreciate the work and sound of it

  14. this is really interesting. not sure what to think of it sounds good mix wise tho

  15. I like the keys but the drums sound too out of time, Im guessing you were going for an out of time sound, but i think they are too out of time haha would be hard to rap to...

  16. appreciate the feedback! I agree the lil side snare doesn't fit and yeah I was going for a loose style but may have been too loose

  17. Love the bounce of it. arrangement wise I think you could get away with having the first part play a little longer and introduce the 808 earlier. other than that it solid. Another thing I'm noticing is that 808 in a higher octave doesnt sound right

  18. itd have to be like a 70's horror movie, if thats the vibe youre going for you killed it 1000x over

  19. the shaker and the quiality of the synth are making it sound like an elevator classic at some points. other than that its cool

  20. this is sick love the textures and the delay fits for this type of vibe for sure. Would love to see a slow drum break on it or smth of the nature

  21. this is sick i love the drums and the percussion used. this could be used in so many ways

  22. I like that it has few elements but they're well arranged and interesting, kudos man

  23. Thanks for the feedback! If you were to mix this how would you go about doing it?

  24. Thank y’all for the feedback! I’ll have to experiment with the chord change. It sounded good in the moment but it could definitely give more of a feeling

  25. I’d start off small. Focus on one thing you really wanna get good at and focus all your energy on that aspect. Meaning melody, keys, chords, drums, sound design. EQING too if u know what ur doing but I’d start getting better at Melodies or drums first before diving into the more technical side of making beats. We aren’t producers unless we are psychically producing someone. Just beat makers. A great way to get started without having to actually create your Melodies for beginners is to use something such as splice. millions of one shots/ different sounds/ drum kits/ Melodie’s. Best of luck to ya bro I’m only a year into the journey myself

  26. Thank you for the explanation about the "Producer" tag. I am currently Studying Audio Engineering and music production. so might day I be one. And I'm trying to do what your saying. On my university we focus on Mixing, equalizing, vocals, Mastering etc etc. What i'm doing is on home, hop on fl studio mobile practicing making beats from scratch. So I can get to advanced level so I can port the beat to protools and start masterizing my beats that said. Thank you for your advice I appreciate it. I recently got a midi so I will try to learn to play and see if it could help me with melodies.

  27. Anytime bro. SoundCloud is linked in bio I believe and most my ideas I post on this thread

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