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  1. Yaa saw it but found it unreasonably priced when compared to the prices which are generally offered by the FB decanters

  2. He’s reading this post and deleted it but I screenshotted it in advance:

  3. OP and other people how do y'all know just by looking that it's a fake Rollie?

  4. Because he posted this exact watch in a sub for fake watches dude that’s what the link and screenshot are

  5. I've sampled well over 100, maybe pushing 200. Only currently have 1 full bottle and a few decants.

  6. Lumping decants and samples in the same category, i have about 1 bottle for every 100 samples. I have about 20 bottles, so my sample collection has, uh, gotten a bit out of hand.

  7. Unfortunately not, but they did let me sample a ton of frags - TF Fucking Fabulous, Soleil Blanc (loved this, but doesn’t last whatsoever), Grey Vetiver, Bitter Peach (amazing for women), Sauvage Elixir (gonna get this at some point, dry down is amazing!) & Guerlain l'homme Ideal (not a fan).

  8. I think they're liable to give you, the ones in my city told me he'd give me 2-3 if I buy from them

  9. I’ve never gotten any samples from Sephora, ever. Anyways, it’s not an issue. Tried out quite a few frags, as I mentioned in the previously edited comment.

  10. Just saw him live in Toronto a few months ago. An amazing singer naturally but damn bro doesn’t know how to indulge with the audience. Anyway love all his songs but for me recently has been Tere Hi Hum

  11. 10 saal normal pension k liye 7 saal lag gaye

  12. Arey yeh toh kuch nahi mere dadaji me ek bande ko ek shop minimal rent par di thi coz he was poor aur 20 saal tak usne fir dukaan nhi chhodi 21 years case chala fir mili hamari hi shop. Indian court = L

  13. Proper rent agreement. It was written in the agreement that the guy would leave whenever we want to. The guy gave us 500 per month in today's time till last year in prime location where it's 50k a month. And he gave it to another guy as a rented shop and the other guy paid him around 40k a month

  14. I ordered some samples from them yesterday. Its my first time ordering from them. I got 10 for 1000 rs. But its mostly elie saab & dolce & gabanna samples. Not niche ones.

  15. It says 10 but in the image shown there are 15, which ones do you actually get?

  16. 15 bottles, 1500 ml of perfume at least, a 100 ml gives 1400 sprays, 21000 sprays you got there, would easily last 10 years. You want more?

  17. Why do you care? It's a hobby. If you think 15 bottles are too many you might be in the wrong group.

  18. I wouldn't have cared a bit if there was even a tad bit originality in this collection. All of these seem to be based on "panty droppers" recommendations from yt

  19. I really feel sad by telling about red tobacco as its my serious goto perfume. But don’t tell someone else about it 🤫

  20. But you must be above 25 right? Because I'm 17 and don't think a mature frag like tobacco would go that well on me

  21. Give it a try. Order a decant and see. I am 26. Not tgat old too. To carry Red Tobacco you need confidence not maturity. Thats why i have ST Dupont Perfect Tobacco too. Its also Good Tobacco but with cinnamon amd cardamom notes. Longevity and projection is also very good . Plus its fun. Your nose will be tingeling all the time feom all that tobacco leaves and cinnamon. But Red Tobacco is for situations where you want to appeal all serious and sexy and send the message that you are here to fuck 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. You could definitely increase sales for red tobacco as you know the perfect wordings to put for the age group 17-18 😂😂

  23. Amazing, right! Especially that sweet ginger note.

  24. Have you tried anything from yusuf khatri? the products he sells are genuine?

  25. Yes yusuf is 💯 genuine, ordered rasasi hawas decant from him a month ago

  26. Tells you to buy from a website called "visionary pirate". As if the name's not sketchy enough🤦‍♂️

  27. If you are willing to buy decants, 100% you should try Tom Ford tobacco vanille I tried it a few days ago at the mall and found it heavenly 🤌🤌

  28. Just go work there. Comes with the smell of bad milk too

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