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HDL - Stage 3 Roadmap and Tokenomics Overview

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  1. You asked the original question dude. How are you in a position to know whether these are facts or not?

  2. Idk know what questions to even ask so when i hear learn fundementals its an obvious tell as to what i should learn. Fundamentals like python syntax is a start

  3. I don’t get the throughput argument…is that like the number of outstanding contracts on algorand?

  4. like i said, buy headline if u love gambling but it is best to just watch headline. buy defly

  5. At its price, it’s a small gamble, on a company building a platform…

  6. When I was a kid in the 70s, we had a drug store a few miles away. My sister and I rode our bikes to get a cherry coke at the old fashioned soda fountain. It was just like this - wooden bar, same glasses, and the best sodas ever. The old guy running the soda fountain had worked there 50 years. The fountain is still there and functioning today, but the “soda jerk” (so called because he jerked the handle on the dispenser) is long gone.

  7. I’ll keep my ALGO and continue to acquire more, but I’m unsubscribing from this sub as the same stupid fucking questions get asked and answered every day

  8. TedW says:

    I'd argue that PoW also favors the rich. It's hard to name a concept that doesn't, really.

  9. Id say love, frienship, connections, etc are essential in life. If i wanted to make a company to profit on essentials in life i can in america, capitalism creates freedom, work, jobs, etc. A blockchain that can replicate capitalism and guarantee everyone’s freedom will win.

  10. The line in 6 foot 7 foot by Lil Wayne that says “The fruits of my labor, i enjoy them while they still ripe”

  11. Mostly algorand. Download algorand trading app defly to start trading ASA’s! I also own polymath, dripto, and signa

  12. Your interaction with the ecosystem is summarized by trading?

  13. Today my dog caught a squirrel into a bush but instead of chasing from the same way the squirrel went into the bush my dog went into the bush from opposite way

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