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  1. have you ever done “appraise”? when looking at a pokémon? this is how i determine if i should invest in them. i PvP a bit so there’s different IV’s for those VS gyms and such, so as long as i’ve got one or two good versions of each mon, i call it good

  2. Helioptile is, the others are common as mud

  3. I am gonna be that Gandalf sitting on a chair and level with you.

  4. The way he chalked your rejection up to elitism 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  5. Harry Potter is one of the biggest books in the world

  6. Lol thanks. No hate to op in particular, but I can’t stand when people call things niche and then it’s like a Harry Potter reference or something like that’s the exact opposite of niche lmao

  7. I currently live with a bunch of this kid. In an apartment building for elderly and disabled. Bunch of spineless whiners.

  8. I saw a post on here about duome removing some of the grammar notes. I don't use duome so can't confirm, but wanted to put it out there for anyone planning to rely on it.

  9. Honestly I don't know why duome would remove it. I get that for Duolingo they center on teaching you through pattern recognition, and they sometimes release studies that show how people stick with or quit material, so it's likely that people do genuinely learn better with pattern recognition over being told rules. Idk.

  10. maybe they don’t want to give u too much considering the fact that it’s a free app 🥲

  11. The most important factor is that they don’t “open up” about their relationship. Joe has spoken Taylors name once in interviews in seven years, they Don’t make appearances together and Joe is visibly uncomfortable in interviews when their relationship is brought up.

  12. i feel like it’s really obvious to any fans who actually care for her that she wanted to go lowkey ever since reputation. even before she dropped the album she deactivated her ig and everything. taylor seems so much happier and healthier now i cant begin to fathom why fans r hating on it.

  13. maybe i misunderstood but don’t most people call her blondie just as a nickname, not in a rude way? like it’s usually her fans calling her that

  14. feels a lil condescending, imo. most people use blondie to call a blonde dumb. i know fans don’t mean it that way, but antis definitely use it as an insult from time to time

  15. ohhhhh i’ve only ever seen fans use it as just another nickname, never knew it had been used towards her in that way. ty for explaining! :)

  16. You do not mean the Mandarin, but Korean and Japanese.

  17. In difficulty Finnish is the worst that I have done and is still doing but the worst managed would be Latin that I did for like a day and I had to quit it because the audio quality was bad and it just was not as good as it could be.

  18. Romanian is quite weird and confusing. The audios are bad too 🥲 at least I know how to say water and rice.

  19. if you’re ever stranded at least u know what to ask locals for

  20. You missed my point again. I’m just pointing out bad UI, nothing to do with how difficult my target language is 💀

  21. some language learners are so unnecessarily aggressive. “oh boohoo this language is too difficult for u then just give up” like huh. people are allowed to express their negative emotions from time to time. (you weren’t doing that, just giving an example) they make learning a language sound like something u have to enjoy all the time. bilingual people don’t even feel like that. they’re doing too much.

  22. it is a rhetorical question. In a formal setting and I know that there is going to be a ㅎgreeting I just return 안녕하세요? but if I am not excepting it or someone says just says hello I say 예, 안녕하세요?

  23. The Chinese characters (hanja/한자) 安(안) means peace and 寧(녕) means repose, serenity peace, so the compound 安寧(안녕)하다 means to be peace, tranquillity, wellness.

  24. also, how do people usually respond to this greeting then? just “yes”?

  25. I am more concerned that the teacher gave you that disappointing look and also highlighted to the class that someone did badly. That is rubbing salt to the wound. You may think that she does want to help you but no, she is not setting up a safe environment for students.

  26. i hate teachers like that lol i don’t need everyone up in my business why are u sharing it with the CLASS

  27. i think it does more harm than good to not go tbh. most friends are formed at orientation. u might as well go and find one friend who is like

  28. Native speaker here and I don't think 很 means very even in a question. I would totally say 那條褲子很短嗎? over 那條褲子短不短?

  29. really? i would use 很 to ask if the pants are very short, and 短不短 if i have no idea about the length (depending on the context tbh)

  30. I would say 真的很短嗎 if I really mean very. I simply don't use 不 structure at all. It sounds so textbook and not like sth I would actually say in real life.

  31. hmm i see, i get what you mean, but it’s definitely used more in my country which is why it doesn’t feel that unnatural to me

  32. I’m trying to, but man is it hard! I don’t think Duo does a great job teaching Mandarin. Too much of it depends on whether I can recognize the kanji. I mean, I’m pretty good at visual recognition, but because of that, I’m getting things right without really learning the sounds or individual words. I just know, “Oh, they’re saying the name Li, so I need the phrase with the character for Li in it.” I feel like they should do more with pinyin, at least in the early lessons, so I can distinguish the individual words better.

  33. ohh yea, i used duo’s chinese lesson before to see how they teach chinese but it’s not very efficient imo. they teach too randomly, and don’t really cover the basics of how chinese characters work

  34. it’s called vezzeggiativo of a word, I don’t know if english or chinese have a similar thing, but I think french has it. you just add -etto (m.) or -etta (f.) to stuff and it’s cute. for example if you have younger cousins it’s common to say “cuginetti/e” cause they’re little and cute :) same with pets; you can say “hai qualche animaletto?” which is “do you have any (cutely) pets?” (it’s informal tho)

  35. It’s literally the same as “farm animals” and “wild animals” lol

  36. This type of question is the only one where it matters what's in the picture. The rest, the pictures are just random - but in this type of question, it gives you a clue as to the correct answer.

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