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  1. For dudes going without sex fir long periods is unnatural goes against our biological genetics and millions of years of evolution. It will creep out in weird ways.

  2. Literally showed a photo I was cut and bleeding from my arm and they responded with more sex talk. It’s just that crazy

  3. That's disturbing as hell. It's sad that guys think sex will solve their issues but then don't realize them being a perverted hornball is why no one will bother with them.

  4. I'm dishie/prep/pizza cook at a casino I wish we got free food lol we have like 10 cameras on us everywhere.

  5. I am a white woman, married to another white woman, and we considered adoption once. We did decide at that time that we would be specifically looking for a white baby.

  6. Learning to embrace other cultures, learning about stuff outside yourself. Learn together

  7. Went off on a serial complainer, cause every day she complained and never had anything positive to say. Our job sucked we all know it but she would spend 2 + hours just ughh. Every day.

  8. Only reason it doesn't matter is time makes beauty fade, the handsome lose their luster...ya gotta have more to do than bang, cause ya never know if one day you can't do that what are ya gonna have?

  9. I think they mean cheaper not better qualified

  10. Congrats! Glad your experience was awesome! If only it was like that everywhere. um you better make sure their paying you for being ft other wise their just taking advantage of you.

  11. Genetics, I'm 6'4 for a woman I'm tall AF but in the same wido most of the guys in the family are shorter

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