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Twitter is reportedly reconsidering Elon Musk's bid to buy the social media company after the Tesla CEO confirmed $46.5 billion in financing

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  1. Isn't Trump's call for civil war just a false flag op by a deep state plant liberal posing as him on social media? The fact that Patriots continue to overlook the insidious liberal cabal and how deeply they've infiltrated their ranks is very concerning.

  2. on_ says:

    So far he has signed the services of Ryu & Ken & Blanka & Mr Bison associates.

  3. E Honda Is actually just a paralegal. And Vega is currently facing possible disbarring.

  4. With all these subMAGAs popping up, they'll be eating each other (even more so) in no time. Though it is a shame not more is being done in the mean time to quell their shitty shooting sprees.

  5. You’re welcome! I didn’t know if I’d upset you by correcting you (because this is the internet), so thanks for being polite about it too!

  6. No worries! With this kinda luck, maybe you should buy yourself a lotto ticket 😛

  7. At this rate, Tucker will eventuality say something like he IS the left..

  8. The way this nation is moving, the left is the old right, and the right is now a group of fascist Trump cultists.

  9. As long as Fox is allowed to use its "news" channel to spread propaganda unabated... yep

  10. Don't forget their McPelmenis, McVareinnikis and McOkrochka.

  11. Hey. whatever intern wrote this tweet… for future reference here are the words in this post that MTG doesn’t know how to spell:

  12. Employee #4921 “Nice haircut sir” Zuck “I find it efficient to maintain and therefore acceptable”

  13. "What a beautiful morning! It's like a ERROR 404: POETIC IMAGE NOT FOUND

  14. balding white guys are outrageously expensive these days, and you're only paying for the hype, they don't even taste that good

  15. They're best in-season. Even then, it's basically like chewing on salted candle wax.

  16. Is it really serving the stakeholders' interests to sell to someone as toxic as Elon?

  17. All due respect, if Christ walked the earth today and saw these scum fucks burning masks and mocking BLM protestors I don’t think he’d see a soul worth saving

  18. Cock knuckle is my personal favorite but cock elbow or cock nose work too.

  19. For me, it was realizing that my anxiety in general was guilt and shame based thinking over the course of years. I believe the health anxiety that resulted was a distraction from this other anxiety. Since realizing this, my anxiety and panic attacks are far less frequent, and my sleep has greatly improved. Now there are other triggers I am working to find.

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