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  1. Very interesting as someone who goes braless all the time outside winter. Quite sad that people judge women with erect nipples in this way.

  2. When I left islam back in 2014, I felt the same way. It was very awkward because I felt repressed sexually but I also felt an urgency to have sex because it is the normal thing to do.

  3. Hookup culture ain’t for women sis. Been there, done that. It is risky and you are unlikely to experience pleasure. A lot of men don’t even make sure their wives and girlfriends finish; where do you think that leaves one night stands and the like? Then there is the madonna-whore complex and double standards. Lots of cost and little benefit. If you wanna engage in it, be smart about it and make sure if he ain’t gonna make you cum, you kick him to the curb. Additionally, make sure you take safety precautions (not talking about contraception only).

  4. first off madax adagnimo! as grown adults we need to learn how to compromise and take advice/criticism.

  5. If you’re into fitness as a Somali wallahi it is hard not to notice this.

  6. I remember the tacsi for my maternal grandfather. My mum was in the living room with some relatives when they started gossiping about some random Somalis. I called them out and said it was inappropriate and they stopped. How can you go a tacsi and start gossiping? They were talking so much nonsense. I felt for my poor mother. Her father had just passed. What is wrong with people ? If anyone commented on my dress in my own house, I would tell them to fuck off. Don’t care who they are. There would have been a similar response if someone asked me to pick someone up at the tacsi for a parent.

  7. I live in the west and I will use my large extended family as an example. I have many educated people in my family, with stable jobs/careers providing not only for their immediate family, but for their parents and family back in Somalia. I also have many family members who never finished school, are currently in jail or have already been deported to Somalia, or are dealing with substance abuse issues. The unfortunate truth is that the former is mostly female, and the latter (esp in the case of the family members in prison/deported) are male. I’m in Canada and we have serious issues with our men (at least where I live). So, add that to the fact that we are a minority community, it’s already hard. There are great somali men, but yes it can definitely be hard.

  8. Dont be ridiculous, there is no such thing as a no go zone. Dont let right wing media scare you into becoming an extremist of another sort. UK is a multicultural and vibrant place. Salafism/ Wahabism is dying, those young men are more interested in football, porn and music than religion.

  9. Out of curiosity, are there active steps to be taken to remember to take your medication, maintain schedules, etc.? I mostly see people on this sub saying what doesn't work rather than provide options that can/do work.

  10. I am on an antidepressant and going to start stimulants shortly. I never forget to take my antidepressant because I take it with my breakfast and use a medication reminder app called medisafe.

  11. This post could be an entrapment lol “reach out to me let’s be ex muslim friends” and you pull up and there’s the police or a jihadist Lmaoo

  12. Everyday another incel post, its like clockwork on this subreddit.

  13. I saw that. So fucking depressing. Crying is so good for you and normal unless you are crying everyday which could be a sign of clinical depression.

  14. I am 30 and get Id’d for alcohol and other age-restricted items occasionally. Black don’t crack 🤷🏾‍♀️

  15. Relationship with dad is non-existent as it has always been. I am the closest I have ever been to my mum though and we talk every 1-2 days on the phone. I see her about once every few months.

  16. Move your body ; for example, go to the gym, cycle, walk where you can, take the stairs instead of the lift etc. Also, consider getting a therapist if you haven’t got one already.

  17. Yeah. That is a lot. Think there are about 9 units per bottle and the nhs advises 14 units a week over several days….

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