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  1. Really? So are E Laph, Biryu and Aran also not DPSs just because they don’t have a specific word attached to them?

  2. What stupidity are you talking about?? If you want to build him your noob way, go ahead 🥴

  3. Oh so you ARE trolling. You shouldn’t do that with people genuinely asking for advice bro.


  5. Dragon knight Helga is probably the best banner to pull on. She's a big dps glass cannon carry that's good in all content.

  6. Of you have discord, I can invite you in my alliance. It's french tho XD But some of us speak english

  7. Yes. The art is in the supports not the strikers tho

  8. What really ups raid scores is support. A classic team has been w lyn, d/w josh, w krom, buffer, striker. The other squad can have def break and shock debuffers too. You can spam AG boosting and attack a bunch of times. There's YouTube tutorials you can watch for specifics, cuz speed comes into play.

  9. Top 2 for guild raid definitely. (probably #1) VERY likely better than Ondal for SS due to lower burst cost.

  10. I meant among earth specifically. Ondal was #1 but E Johan probably tops him now. Needs some testing but there is no way he could be lower than #2.

  11. W Lairei for me that Blitz and her S2 buff is insane

  12. BG = Burst Gauge so the snipers that fill it by the highest amount. For f2p that means Fire Lyn or Dark Mikhail.

  13. I have w Luci, d nine and d Brandon. Which one? I also have L syph. Strikers: DK helga, w walther, e luci

  14. Isn't D Mikhail gained automatically through story? Or do you just not have him built?

  15. the drop rates are REALLY low for it LMFAO. but you can get it in any elemental hall, arena fighters event, normal beast hunt events, and primeval hall progress levels

  16. 2 more days after Helga arrives on the banner.

  17. 2 or 3 days, same with Syph. Maybe we'll have reruns of Helga and shota king next.

  18. I have e Lairei maxed, with great nearly maxed relics and gear skills into her burst. She’s still not hitting as hard as Ondal. As said previously, Ondal needs a full team though (meaning sniper x2 at decent investment).

  19. Im playing Nightmare right now doesnt feel like you need 7 star your heroes to win but it is quite challenging. I would say 7 star your main raid dps for calamity and new wendigo mode.

  20. DKHelga is more consistent. DAstrid has more potential.

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