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  1. Don't delete the post afterwards please. Let the community benefit from these questions and answers for years to come.

  2. Thanks for following up and letting us know what the word was!

  3. It seems to be just an overlay on top of an actual film poster. Looking at the watermark in the bottom-left corner, it was made with

  4. The upvote arrow of Reddit points right at that watermark. 😂

  5. Where did you get the streak calendar with the green squares? And do they measure the number of cards you studied?

  6. It's an add-on in anki for PC. It's called Heatmap. You can customise the colours in the options for that add-on.

  7. I love to run too! How does running destroys your legs?

  8. You read the smallest print on the image and not a word about what's been asked. Cest la vie!

  9. I've sent 2 messages to the number mentioned in that image. Both of them are undelivered as of yet. Seems like a fake number. So it isn't working.

  10. That my friend is what happens when you just type code and don't test it... my bad. Fixed now, it uses the class of the window rather than the executable name.

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