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  1. She could probably afford those things easily if she didn't have to take care of your rotten ass. Appreciate your mother and the roof you have.

  2. It’s nearly mathematically impossible to be green on it too 🤣 it’s like a 1$ 3 month window they would’ve had to buy it in like 2020

  3. Preety sure Shanks and Kaido is as fast as Kizaru if not faster so he alone can't win.

  4. Source : I pulled it outta my ass. Op chars like Shanks and Kaido are Ftl while Kizaru is Light speed.

  5. Kaido and shanks have ftl abilities but are not ftl themselves. Like Luffy has ftl feats but can't catch Gazelle man running full speed.

  6. Hold the door! Hold the door. Holdoor! Hodor!

  7. Looks like it’s a good opportunity to average down! 😅 This is financial advice

  8. Would still have to drop for me to average down. My cost average is still below the current price. Also this post old as hell go lurk somewhere else

  9. Remindme was fresh lol and when did you buy in? Last time it was this low was back in 2020. So either you’re at a higher cost basis or been “hodling” for two years. Either way…

  10. Long term investments typically are held for years. Still believe the price will go up so yes if I have an opportunity to average down I will. My first buy in was at 2 and largest around 6.9

  11. Not the american average - asking alexandria Across the bed - volumes Fuck - bring me the horizon Death of peace of mind - bad omens

  12. It was alright. Personally didn't like the design of any of the suits. Midnight angel was close but came out looking more like predator. Don't really care for what they did with Namor or his people that entire story seemed incredibly forced. M'baku was probably my favorite character in the movie.

  13. Re-stating your argument isn't evidence. There is zero evidence to support this assertion.

  14. Unless the data has been changed. Ghost ai is definitely defined by its code and has a percentile chance to do certain actions like using its ability or completing an action. Opening the door is an action and if it has no line of site it goes back to idle phase. It starts in idle -> chance to hunt -> chance to use ability -> chance to do an action -> chance to do nothing and go back to favorite room. This is just a rough explanation but the general idea is there. Statistically if the ghost has to open a door it is less likely to kill you if it doesnt have line of sight.

  15. Thanks for providing a link stating my rough explanation. The only update is it seems the ghost warps to a spot and searches. It still goes through its actions and makes decisions based on what it rolls. With no line of sight it tends to just fuck off elsewhere.

  16. I saw a link for an article. Some shady shit for this an one other saying "apes" were backing it. Staying far away from this

  17. Honestly I thought it was quite boring myself as I quit watching 3 times. I only started to really enjoy it around episode 300-350. Skipping fillers along the way. Since then I have been sucked in and am on my 2nd rewatch. Imo things start getting interesting from 400 on.

  18. I enjoy it now more that i've watched it once. There are parts throughout that I thoroughly enjoyed the first time but it wasn't enough for me then. I believe shows with constant action/fighting are what turned me away from it at first as it was what I was used to.

  19. He is right tho. Look up my posts from 2 years ago. I'm an original ape. We all voted against dilution so this man packaged it nicely called it ape and took advantageof your ignorance and trust towards him. He bit the hand that fed him. All of you are good natured trusting people. Its being used against you. Alot of you will call me a Shill but it's the reality of things.

  20. Anything competitive multiplayer online goes to ssd. Large games with long load screens can go ssd next. Anything else go hdd.

  21. some of the deaths did matter, like android 16, gokus whole race, etc. But I feel like some characters staying dead wouldve been good for the series

  22. 16 could have just been rebuit as he was just a robot no one cared enough to do so. The saiyans could also be revived at any time with the namekian dragon balls but like raditz and nappa, vegeta says they aren't worthy as they died in combat or something like that. Their souls are still there so the only time it would matter is if someone who was dead dies again but it hasn't happened to my knowledge. The closest thing would be racist goku being deleted from existence by xeno

  23. Personally it's how repetitive it is and how overall nothing matters in the end. Major deaths are just reverted which kind of just shits on the sacrifice aspect.

  24. I think some are good some are bad. I feel like some that continue for long periods of time have a higher chance of ending badly. ~The one piece was the friendships they made along the way~

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