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  1. Haley get some help....find something you want..God bless

  2. Have a good what all I need from this site. Sorry not sorry I had to use you...

  3. I wish she would do more voice acting. I love her style. I have been looking for audiobooks that she reads. If anyone knows of any, let me know! Lol. And she is a great actress on top of it all.

  4. Honestly, Restless Road is pretty dang "it". Each individual as well as a group. They're quite amazing guys. Humble to boot.

  5. Manipulated by whom? I never denied that criminals are violent at police, irrelevant. I'm speaking strictly of police officers who's job is to serve and protect. There's a higher level of responsibility to wear a badge. They aren't supposed to be the criminals harrasing people. Which is why I mentioned abuse of power.

  6. In reality you are manipulated by the mass media and propaganda being fed to the public. Critical thinking requires not accepting what is viewed on TV as fact but through research and review of real people you'd find the real answers.

  7. It is because they're not showing you everything. Body Cam footage is manipulated easily.

  8. I have found as a whole...several singers really cannot sing and end up being autotuned into a decent sound. Eh. Problem with pushing looks over sound and quality...I will hop off my soapbox now.

  9. Action Bible is great, as it's a graphic form. Also NIV is plain English and no additional spin. Also the FireBible is great.

  10. If you have a car go explore downtown Franklin and the battlefields in the area. It's beautiful on the Square in Franklin.

  11. Picture the Pony Express of Middle Earth... That's the kind of communication that happened.

  12. It is a virtual cardio workout and you log your miles and travel through Middle Earth.

  13. All celebs have someone on here or they are themselves to monitor comments. In the industries like music and show/cinema all publicity is good publicity no matter our interpretation on it. As long as people keep them in the gossip they're happy as bees are with flowers.

  14. I would have to say it's a tie between the Battle Under the Trees and the Battle of Lorien. These both took place as Sauron returned with the uprising from Dol Guldur. I would have been on the elf side bravely dying to keep the lights of the elves as a beacon... Yep.

  15. As others have said he’s only referred to as the mouth of Sauron. He’s not described as having a particularly big mouth in the books but it was a design feature in the films to emphasise his role as Saurons spokesman. In the books he hints that he will take over as master of Orthanc as Saruman was not fit for the role.

  16. Adding on to this: I believe the book described him as having a 'handsome' 'evil' look. I'd have ti reread it to make sure. Correct me if I am wrong. And as many have said he was Black Numorean or one that sided with Morgoth/Sauron/Evil.

  17. I didn't really go into Sauron's side of this equation in OP because he definitely has his own motivations around her that are unchanged after the reveal, it's not like she wasn't mad at him before. But now they know each other even better and he's been close to her for a while.

  18. Singing Cowboys. Rarely mentioned but truthfully why country began to take off. This would be: Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and many more. Even groups like Sons of the Pioneer or Riders in the Sky. They made country visible before it was made into a genre. Movies were a great way to build genres of music.

  19. She’s one of the greatest songwriters of all time and has the voice of an angel and the personality of a saint. So it’s easy to be drawn to her.

  20. You clearly missed the point on that "female ballad maker". That's the stereotypical response I was wanting to avoid. Most people regurgitate that reasoning, and it's a very shallow image. Or they focus on her social contributions and forget her music.

  21. Yeah that was not clear at all in your original post! But at any rate, I’m glad you agree re the bluegrass and some of your favourite songs. I tend to like the songs about her roots as well. Another favourite of mine is “The Bargain Store”

  22. Remember Tolkien has seen WW1 and WW2. That changes your view of the world that cannot help but infiltrate your works. It may not specifically reference a particular war but it does highlight the ills of global warfare.

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