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  1. "Butt TAPers? That sounds ridiculous, can we focus on the murder already?"

  2. "So my body mutated itself into a mutant state? Are you seriously not seeing the parallels here?"

  3. Perry the Platypus, I see your tokens are non-fungible...

  4. This fandom has poisoned me because now every time I see Uncle Ben’s face in the sky, I think he’s gonna say “Kill them all, Peter”

  5. I did my virgin watch of Haruhi Suzumiya in chronological order, which is apparently a graven sin according to the fanbase? I dunno, Kyon agreed in the next episode previews that it was the correct order to go through, so egg on their face I guess.

  6. I think at the very least, we can rest easy with the knowledge that the nukes weren't blocking the release of the cut 30% or any meaningful conclusion to the game. If word leaks out after the servers are shut down that Konami intentionally held off on either developing or releasing the final part of the game out of what Kojima described as "a social experiment", that would probably be grounds for a legitimate lawsuit. At most, we're probably looking at a brand new credits roll, a fancy new title screen, and maybe that missing sticker.

  7. Season 3 already won best season when

  8. Yo. To all the peeps sleeping on the Orange League,

  9. I mean the problem is that the whole point of that title is to set expectations. Even if you read the whole thing, when you’re introduced to it as “turns out MikeZ did nothing wrong” well then your expectations will be that the document proves that. So it isn’t just that the people who read it should know better, they were introduced to it in bad faith

  10. I came into the discussion purely based on the thread title, and only gave a cursory glance at the document, and it was still clear to me that this was only Mike Z presenting his """facts""" to the court. Not sure what the deal is for the big push for people to stop presenting misleading information, since it was clear from the get go that was exactly what was being presented.

  11. Was always a little perplexed why NMH II never wound up on a Sony console, considering how great the first game looked/played when ported to the PS3. This is just raising further questions with regards to that.

  12. I heard about that. Tried clipping through her with the camera. I can confirm she does wear that in-game.

  13. Yeah yeah yeah, push Azure Striker Gunvolt all-day everyday,

  14. because tower of god is a shonen (essentially, pedants will argue it isn't, but they're wrong), there is an issue with power creep, which means that rankers (people who've completed their climb of the tower and gained power and wealth from it) tend to get the short end of the stick.

  15. Eh, I'd still say they're treated with the appropriate flair. It's just that it was firmly established that there are rankers who coasted their ways to the lower ranks, and high rankers who go in hard.

  16. Oh man I can talk about the Overlord isekai again. the main character Ainz and his non-human guild full of NPCs that now gained sentience pretty much serves as the villains of the new world they got isekai'd in.

  17. I'll never get the push for Overlord. There's definitely something to be said about series' where the protagonists are irredemable villains that are framed by the narrative as such (I mean, look at everything Char Aznable did prior to the One Year War, it's great). But Overlord simultaneously tries, and fails, to frame the guild NPC's as being better than the tropey corrupt [insert victims of the week], while also framing some of the purely edgiest shit ever as "yeah, look at those snobs getting their just rewards". It feels like it's supposed to be taking the piss, but is instead playing it straight.

  18. Anyone got a translation of REDACTED’s line or is it just moonspeak gibberish?

  19. From what I can gather, "You should be ashamed of your extensive procurement of goods through identity theft"

  20. In Bleach, Kon the stuffed lion/mod soul/staple pervert was created as a gag character, but one who also had a legitimately sad backstory built into his introduction. And then following that, every instance involving him in the plot was just the other characters treating him like the buttmonkey of the series. This doesn't even really evolve at any point throughout the story, with 90% of Kon moments being him leaping towards girl characters and getting stomped on the face in response, and the remaining 10% of Kon moments being forced mouth-to-mouth with Ichigo.

  21. you admit its a filler arc. pretty sure its anime only so i dont see why it would change how people feel about kon it technically did not happen.

  22. My guy, I get you're being a no fun party pooper. But I'm pretty sure that given the ratio of filler to non-filler content in Bleach media as a whole, one could probably make a valid argument that the canon arcs technically did not happen.

  23. Meanwhile, Aeon Genesis still hasn't translated Alpha.

  24. Just wait. The website will get another update in 2-3 years, announcing surprise releases of a few small JP titles no one's ever heard of before, alongside an update that Alpha has somehow made reverse progress in it's script editing.

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