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  1. Officially no but human error happens on small defects and they get through.

  2. Or sometimes large defects. My local CEX once sold me a copy of Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty that is literally missing half the disc label

  3. Now that’s just stupidity plain and simple. Hopefully someone had a refresher on actually checking discs before buying AND someone else had a refresher on checking discs before selling them!

  4. the bane of any cex workers existence. That and when people bring in 50 million dvds

  5. I doubt the winner is going to post and tell people. I certainly wouldn’t.

  6. That is 100% just that store and goes against policy, they must be a franchise.

  7. This. They will accept any charger/psu so long as it’s sufficient for the device and has some kind of uk safety mark (kite mark, CE, UKCA). Some Devices may require a genuine charger for the higher grades. For example I think the Nintendo switch requires genuine for boxed/unboxed. Any is ok for discounted though.

  8. They need to record the drop and go being accepted which is a second process, sometimes stores do that when they process or return the drop and go, rather than right away like they are supposed to

  9. Yep. This is likely what happened. If you’ve got an email then at least you have your record that the stuff was dropped in the store. Additionally all stores have extensive cctv so it’s unlikely your stuff would go missing. If you only dropped it off this evening I would expect the testing be be either last thing or tomorrow morning.

  10. The price they offer will be a third of what you’ll get selling privately.

  11. So the interesting thing about selling desktop gaming computers is that cex don’t take brand names into account. Literally the only things they want to know are

  12. I really don’t think she should have lost her job. We all sell our bodies or our minds in one form or another.

  13. Totally respect her right to do anything and I don’t have a moral objection but I think it would have been tricky to maintain authority and control with kids who are giggling because they’ve seen you naked or being sexual.

  14. When you’re selling to cex it’s best to think of them as the customer and you as the shop. They’re looking to buy fully working products and they have a criteria for that. First it must be fully working. This means if they have to do anything to repair it (including locating battery covers) then it’s not generally what they want.

  15. While justice does need to be served I’m curious how the footage was released when her and the officer clearly agreed the outcome.

  16. You should have been able to sell it as discounted unless it was a special edition (I may be wrong, I will check today)

  17. Do you mean the joycon grip? The thing that turns joycons into a regular controller? That is certainly required for boxed/unboxed. For discounted you’re fine but obviously getting less money. I don’t know the difference in price but I suspect if you’re going from boxed to discounted it would be more than £10. So it could be worth picking one up from somewhere. Be aware It must be an official Nintendo one though.

  18. they wouldn't take it if it had any pixels that would be detectable by the naked eye, you would just have to hope that they rush the test and don't pay full attention so that they would miss it if it was quite small, but any more than 1 or 2 pixels would easily be noticeable.

  19. Simply untrue. Their grading guidelines allow for a few dead pixels. If you’re staff I would recommend you review your ops manual under further grading / situational grading.

  20. Hey man ive seen you on a few /cex threads and i just want to say I’m IMPRESSED you must have studied that ops manual so hard lol. I thought i was pretty good at remembering the rules/protocols for the company but compared to you I’m a rookie 😂 i respect it

  21. I just did 2 different controllers via drop and go with a brand new online account. Didn't even check my ID. Made the new online account yday, they said it's all fine post testing and that I'll get my cash in the account in a day or so

  22. Since you’re being paid cash you supplied bank details so in theory your age can be verified that way. That’s your “ID”. there are also terms and conditions that you accepted online. While you may be 100% fine, if you’ve declared something fraudulently there is a record that can be dealt with in the future should it be necessary. Likelihood is you’re fine. Just letting you know it’s not the “workaround” you may think it is.

  23. Unless they do something illegal to figure out who I am e.g. store an image of my face or something then there's no way they can know. Many people can have the same first and surname so just using different bank cards resolves the matter to prove ID. It would be weird if they wasted their own time and money paying someone hourly to find out they didn't apply their 10% bulk discount which only nets them 15quid whilst the "investigation" into it costs a few hours of manhours etc. Thanks for what you said though I do understand what you mean as technically they could do something

  24. Storing an image of your face is illegal? Like many companies they have a loss and fraud prevention department so they already pay people to investigate potential fraud. Just making you aware.

  25. How much are these new in your country? I’ve just bought a brand new Player that looks identical to this for £600 in the UK.

  26. Cancelling your order (which they often do) or suspending your account?

  27. They don’t cancel or reject orders based on frequent refunds. Only if the item becomes unsellable or has gone missing. Even though anyone can technically refuse to sell you something it’s not going to happen for exercising your rights to an refund due to distance selling.

  28. Based on what? They absolutely can and will suspend your account if you keep buying and returning things even if for valid reasons. The same way a bank can decide you’re too difficult a customer to serve, CEX can do the same and they do - many reports of it, they don’t have to give a reason, they can just decide it ‘looks suspicious’.

  29. I think we’re going to continue to disagree on this. Which isn’t a problem. You feel how you feel. I’ve yet to witness anything like you’ve described and highly doubt OP will have problems if he’s just buying stuff and returning as per guidelines/policy.

  30. As others have said it’s literally down to staff training. More so on the posting side because staff working on the online sales are supposed to quality check the media before posting. But yeah, people make mistakes. There’s no grand conspiracy.

  31. Depends on the cost of the item and when you order it. As others have said there are Royal Mail strikes going on and you have Christmas. Also makes a difference what day of the week you order it.

  32. Sadly no. It’s a daft system but it’s calculated individually because they may come from different stores

  33. Return it in store for a full refund as faulty and then get them to “sell” you a controller they have in stock to go with your ps4. You can still use your vouchers for that part and still get cash for the console overall if that’s what you’re after.

  34. Because ps3 is an older console it picked up dust easily and I have had it for over 10 years now so a lot of the games I want to play (old god of war games) are unplayable

  35. I find that if you choose drop and go or to ship it to them, you can bypass that

  36. Be aware that while this may be convenient, to do so you have lied on a declaration which could be a criminal offence. This may come and bite you later on. Selling goods for cash is a legal transaction.

  37. If you take it into the store they can request a price from the pricing team with the custom spec. The request normally takes about 20 mins

  38. Depends on your technical skills and how obvious it is that you opened the joycons.

  39. Funny thing (except for the progressives complaining about Musk and republicans) that site isn’t much different from before the takeover.

  40. I have read that there’s been an exponential increase in things like racism with there now being little to no recourse. the only thing you can get banned for now is impersonating musk!

  41. Twitter? Oh I remember that old app. Haven’t seen it for ages since some megalomaniac bought and crashed it into the ground.

  42. If you would like to see pictures you can contact customer services and request them. It might take a day or two though

  43. Should be A grade but dont expect it tbh just assume your getting B ny minor marks will be spotted and will have to be degraded A grades are 9/10 unsealed at the till by either the employee or the customer

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