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  1. Meatball's always saying that Monet got a BBL lol, I don't think she did but if she did.... it's a really good one!

  2. Danny and Lawrence aren't fashion queens though. By all means we should have more representation of body shapes, but all these queens are way more fashion focused than especially Lawrence, and also Danny.

  3. I think the most annoying thing about this is people on this sub expecting an answer and a verdict THIS INSTANT because they’re upset by it. People have come out with stories (which I am not saying aren’t valid or credible) or they heard it from a friend of a friend, and they’re already getting mad at imaginary boogeymen in this sub they’ve created and what they’ve not said/done.

  4. who are the boogeymen you keep referencing in this situation? I see people responding to individual comments, and a couple referencing statements made in the last thread about this.

  5. main accuses the drama sub of being toxic but they deleted the first thread on the new allegations and then when someone brought it up again yesterday all the comments were just jumping on them for wanting to talk about it before we have "proof"

  6. Did you weigh your flour? Or at least spoon and level? Scooping from the bag can lead to too much flour in a recipe

  7. I must know how gorgeous kitty came by her name?

  8. I’m guessing it’s a Sandman reference! She’s gorgeous

  9. Apparently this isn’t the first time Shangela’s been accused of SA. She’s a favorite of mine and I’m really sad to see this. Acknowledging the allegation isn’t the same as “canceling” someone, and it’s disappointing to see people already asserting that this can’t be true or they won’t believe it. I don’t know what happened and I’d like to wait and see how the various parties respond, but if you’ve made up your mind that this person is lying then that’s fucked up.

  10. I wouldn’t make cake with it but I make cookies and waffles with bread flour in a pinch, works well

  11. I enjoy the first one a lot, but I do wish it had stopped there. It’s a cute gimmick, but never evolved past that for me.

  12. Really? You would be OK seeing your SO alone with his friend walking arm in arm? Idk, kind of weird.

  13. I mean it’s a photo, it could’ve happened for all of a second. Holding hands is romantic imo but this looks very friendly and casual

  14. I always think of Eurekas final speech on all stars with this topic too. She said something like how because of her size, the world always looks at her like she’s lazy and undisciplined, but her drag has allowed her to stand up and say that she is hard working and she does believe in herself and love herself.

  15. Tbh it’s the only final rpdr speech that has ever made me feel anything, it was so moving and so genuine!!

  16. I get the sense that his dad passed away but maybe they just don’t talk

  17. Cilantro lime cookies are delicious and weirdly taste like fruity pebbles! I got the recipe from a book called cookies: the new classics, but I honestly think you could add a few tbs of finely chopped cilantro and a tbs of lime zest to your fave sugar cookie recipe

  18. Tia is one of my fave queens but I feel like she’s still figuring out her aesthetic. I kinda miss her old paint, it was cute!!

  19. I actually find it kind of chilling that you ask why any gay person would support Palestine over Israel, because you’re in essence saying that the violence Israel perpetuates against Palestine is okay so long as they let gay and trans people exist. The people of Palestine have their homes stolen from them, their schools bulldozed, their families jailed and brutalized, but queer people should support Israel’s government?

  20. Here's the deal with what life is like here (since so many of y'all are quick to judge without visiting or doing any research, and especially since people in this sub love to downvote for stupid fucking reasons)

  21. Im sorry but the idea that western media is biased against Israel or only shows the violence Israel contributes with is absolutely absurd. It’s basically the complete opposite! People can literally get fired from the jobs in the US for criticizing Israel. The vast majority of US politicians, whether liberal or conservative, support Israel.

  22. I honestly love all of them (not Sebastian, I don’t even have that DLC). They’re definitely the most well written, interesting bunch of companions in any BioWare game imo.

  23. I don’t know how to get around the paywall to see your great recipe. These look so marvelous nom nom nom…

  24. Im that meme. I dont know what a dutch baby is and at this point Im too afraid to ask.

  25. Wow, yours looks so much better than mine turn out. Do you have a recipe?

  26. Most important things are 1. making sure your ingredients aren't cold and 2. mixing wet ingredients into dry, not the other way around. Tbh my eggs and milk do often come straight from the fridge, but if you mix them vigorously enough they'll warm up and rise nicely

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