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  1. It is my favorite song. Used to hate it until I started smoking and realized I was just wrong to ever feel that way

  2. plus I never used inappropriate language unlike others no swearing no insults just satire that got a bit to rude and serious. does that answer all your questions

  3. General you: I think it's fine for you to have your opinions, but to tell people that your opinion is better or theirs is wrong is a problem. If someone says an episode you don't want out, don't reply with "no, you bitch, you're wrong" or "No, that's the best episode ever". It's clearly not the best to that person, so how would that comment help anything?

  4. This may not make sense but, the way she rhymes you with you and somehow managed to make it epic

  5. The first mermaid man and barnacle boy at 70??? The one where they try to make Man-Ray good? That's a classic :(

  6. Pleasantly surprised by the outcome of this. I thought ATW would for sure win.

  7. I thought it would make it to top 2 and then be voted out since the 10min version is probably going to win the vault songs round

  8. UPMC Orthopaedic at Mercy Hospital (and their orthotic service Elizur) The doctor at Mercy was fine, but they use a third party service (Elizur Corp. on McKnight Road) to supply orthotics. Had no clue that I was dealing with a third party when I accepted the ankle brace during the visit to Mercy. Was told that I might have a copay (which was fine as my copays are capped). Elizur billed my insurance (also UPMC) $700. Of which, I was responsible for a $400 deductible. The same ankle brace is $30 on Amazon.

  9. Elizur has given my dad 1st a pair of shoes that broke instantly and 2nd a pair that straight up didn't fit. He is currently waiting on a 3rd pair. Who knows what will go wrong this time

  10. I was going to post about them. Maintenance found rocks in the pipes in my toilet. No freaking clue how those got there or who would put them there. The guy started screaming and blaming me for breaking the toilet. He said he had to report me to the company. Luckily nothing came of it.

  11. Elimination game. Comment the episode you want to eliminate next (unless it has already been said, just upvote that comment)

  12. You guys do know that you don’t need to comment if the episode you want to vote for has already been said, right?

  13. A lot of these, I haven't been on because I'm scared of everything, so I'm going to have to go with Frozen Ever After

  14. This was good, because the 10 mins version is gonna win the vault tracks ofc

  15. That was one of my favorites from that season ngl, I can understand your dislike for it. But Is it really worse than Choir Boys or The Splinter?

  16. I actually enjoy both of those episodes. I tend to have very strange taste (my fave episode is I Was a Teenage Gary)

  17. I haven't seen nearly as many episodes from seasons 10-13, so those rankings are based on what I have seen.

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