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Syrian archaeologist Khaled Al Asaad who devoted his life to the excavation and restoration of Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He was beheaded by ISIS after refusing to disclose the location of ancient artifacts, despite a month of torture. He died a hero of heritage protection.

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  1. “When handling null as a type” doesn’t even make sense. There’s optional/nullable types in pretty much every language.

  2. But does anyone know where those artifacts are today?

  3. Really? Eminem was great from 1998-2004, developed a drug problem, almost died then he was pretty damn good from 2009-2013, made 1 bad album in 2017 and has been consistently good since 2018. That is 14 years, Vardy has had 5.

  4. Eminem had one good album, Slim Shady LP, just about everything since then has been garbage

  5. Nah mate. Agatha Christie is one of our most famous novelists.

  6. what i find funny is that lamela wins goal of the season for a simple rabona, like most average footballers could pull off what he did. this goal is actually quality

  7. the difference is, PSG has literally infinite money

  8. Yeah no I mean they just don’t. Even if you own land with oil that doesn’t mean you can just do bad investments. You think the owners are literally throwing billions at PSG because “I’m rich bitch”? No, it’s all calculated, and when the numbers end up not matching, they will stop.

  9. mate, these clubs aren't investment, they are hobbies and sportswashing objects. They don't care about generating profits, which these clubs dont do anyway. They just have them cause their peepee smol.

  10. K mate, so PSG has infinite money, Qatar Sports Investment isn’t about investment, it’s somehow just a hobby for Nasser, who isn’t even royalty himself. Got it.

  11. I hate it so much whenever I use it. But I still use it everytime.

  12. "...but if it was that easy, then why have you failed to win it without Messi, Mr. Guardiola, even though in your 11 consecutive failed attempts you exclusively entered the competition with elite teams billed as one of the favourites?"

  13. I think they were referring to the scene in the 4th panel where Spenny says, "When we hit the final part where we can't go any further, you are going to mark it."

  14. I wonder how much the listing is for the property, nice neighborhood or not, it really fucking rocks.

  15. Honestly don’t get the hard on for this house. Small rooms, few bedrooms, huge backyard. Who is going to live there exactly?

  16. Find someone willing to pay you – boom, you’re now a freelancer. Make your hourly rate worth it to someone. That’s literally it.

  17. He's a public figure and it's obviously caused a bit of a stir, so you can imagine why that's not really a good comparison.

  18. I’m way more appalled that he’s essentially being forced to pretend like he has a certain opinion than the fact that he doesn’t hold that opinion in the first place.

  19. I don’t think anyone should be forced to make grandstanding statements whether they agree with them or not, whether it’s wearing a shirt to work or making a verbal statement. I’m not homophobic in the least but if my employer asked me to wear a virtue signaling shirt out of the blue and I said no and they told me actually I have to or else, I’d call the fucking union and they’d rain hell on the company.

  20. I hate how much the judge tries to be Judge Judy.

  21. I don’t think they were trying to Judy it, in Canada cameras are generally allowed, I think she was just trying to keep the case relatively regular. The garbage bag of evidence was obviously not going to be neatly organized papers of proof, so she didn’t want to waste time with the shenanigans.

  22. What’s happened to AL-Ahli? I thought they were a good side usually. Granted I may be wrong as I don’t follow the league, so apologies if that’s true

  23. Duplicate the entire code folder. Do a find replace of everything you want to hide. Try to open the project and see if it looks okay. Usually it will be fine.

  24. The singer was Jewish!!! Great band from the hardcore years

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