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  1. I think the popularity will Modi will also remain for at least another 4-5 decades just like for Periyar, esp in the Hindi Belt.

  2. Yeah, not viable cuz soon chrome will stop allowing ad blocking extentions.

  3. Get yourself enlisted in matrimony, you will be en route to making your fantasy become a reality 😂

  4. Daily swiggy order. We don't know how it's prepared, whether ghee is poured or wax is being poured.

  5. True, you should be in the top 0.1 percentile of the matches, else your rekt. Nowadays people want everything looks, pay, and family background. It's so lame on the parent's part.

  6. I am not particularly a fan of Periyar, but, Historical figures are never black and white i.e fully right or wrong. Periyar did have lot of controversial takes than the average historical figure but his modern symbolism for Atheism, elimination of superstition, societal equality is a great boon for TN.

  7. MIT placements happen in adjunction with CEG. You are guaranteed to get top companies for sure, I don't know about SSN

  8. This will keep happening till women treat men as success object a gate way to better life, it's was the greed to get married to good looking well settled rich doctor that got them scammed,this women are getting scammed due to their hypergamous nature,they always wants to get the best deal in men.

  9. It's not the woman dude, it's the parent. The parent forces their choices onto their kids.

  10. Yeah, Tom Hanks nailed it forest Gump. It's subtle and in the climax where he utters the line if the kid is intelligent was so emotionally delivered, yet he doesn't show any expression to Jennie. I think the Indian actor who can pull out such stuff would be Kamal or Vikram.

  11. I used to cry but now Wtf..How bout taking him to the hospital asap, or giving him cpr can u declare him dead by touching his shoulder..pls explain

  12. You're not gonna tell us that he will later return as Tarzan, are you?

  13. You can say that the marriage happened in the house and you might need different proofs for that as well as the owners signature maybe.

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