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  1. Dude who hires a lot of people here: we do hire based on merit. While we do post job postings, going through every applicant is a fool’s errand, so we tend to value referrals above all. And the people with killer portfolios rise to the top and get interviewed.

  2. So what your saying, from your experience of 'doing lots of hiring', is that having a salaried diversity officer to vet the hiring process, to make sure that you 'take the time' to authentically assess the merit of applicants, helps with the nepotism that is endemic in your field?

  3. Google “ministers comments on trans people” - id pay particular attention to Kemi Banendoch, Stella Braverman and literally every old white dude.

  4. Sorry mate, unless you can actually provide statistics or some other form of evidence I’m gonna call bullshit.

  5. Sorry I hope you don't mind but I went back through your profile to find the post you made about the BPD treatment and then I looked it up on the manchester NHS website again and it looks like it's open to everyone with a diagnosis now, not just women:

  6. Just to update youse on the state of BPD support from the NHS for males. I work in a north eastern region where 3 (3!) NHS trusts offer support for women with BPD but not for men due to the location of said support excluding men and the policies of said trusts not offering appropriate targeted support for BPD.

  7. [Just to preface this with saying sorry that I wrote you such an essay! I didn't mean for it to get so long so I don't blame you if you don't read it all. If you do though, I'd love to know your thoughts xx)

  8. Hey so I study mental health and found a few of your arguments here to be a little bit disingenuous about the nature of the gendered split.

  9. Probably a bit late but I wanted to add that for inspiration using Feudal Worlds the Game Masters Kit has a campaign that starts on a Feudal world. What I liked was that the Imperium's only influence on the planet was a floating island of junk that is the Port Authority where off planet merchants trade with the wealthier elements of the planet (Noble families, merchant guilds etc).

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