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  1. OP share some more pics, if possible DM

  2. Bhai Friday raat Dilli land kar raha hu 8 mahine baad. Dosto ko manana bachcha hai abhi but mann bahut hai.

  3. I like the view in the background

  4. Wrong sub, these trees look terrible.

  5. Show me the Right sub Sensei!

  6. For the safe side try scoring 98 to get a call but obviously more percentile helps in getting better Merit score, your previous percentages are good. Have you done any Extra Curricular or Co Curricular work then do add it, being an Engineer add your Project work which happens in the final year.

  7. You just miss the moments not the person. Only you can get out of it nobody else can help you get out of it.

  8. If you want to buy such lamps you can go to the light market in Tilak Nagar, they're available for cheap. If you want even cheaper and willing to work Harder for it, go to Bhagirath palace

  9. Thanks Dude, I will check and let you know if I got any.

  10. Brother Horror film ka toh pata nahi, CISF waale jarur raat me bhoot bana ke maarenge

  11. Seedhe baat, what does that mean specifically. Do i text or call? Are you suggesting that i start with "will you go on a date with me" directly without prior hello-s and hi-s.

  12. OP number diya hai pehle Text pe baat kar and have a genuine baat. Later ask her out seedha Relationship me mat ghus.

  13. Kathak dancer here, this is bizarre and I'm offended

  14. May I know, What made you quit?

  15. Coz he literally meant ‘You will never walk alone’

  16. No idea, I am just wondering how does he/she trim their bush lol, is it same or something else

  17. All Squares, dead and painful. Leave him sis.

  18. Ek chance aur de Age hai, Experience matters (min 2 years) NMIIS Ka interview dene jarur jana for Experience and try to crack the interview. New IIMs (5 year olds) me Lena theek nahi aur A, B, C crack karna tough Lucknow se Raipur tak mil jaaye toh Good hai else NITIE, IIT Delhi, IIT Mumbai, FMS, XLRI se call ata hai then also you can opt for them.

  19. Who’s the one in the pic?


  21. Shame on you for making people jealous, you little prick

  22. Glass onions “it’s a dangerous thing to mistake speaking without thought for speaking the truth”

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