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  1. Tomb is no longer strictly an algo stable according to harry. Its no longer pegged. Its a utilty token. Felix utillty token, and gas for Tombchain, and it's regular DeFi purposes (farming, staking, etc)

  2. This is coming from the same guy who also posted and said playing Elden Ring for 20 hours completely cleared up their skin? Lol, that’s all I needed to know

  3. Idk about voice change but i can 100% tell you that it messes with test production as for someone it lowers test but it can also enhance test, it can also do nothing. Butit definetly can mess up ur testosterone production. Voice? I dont think so.

  4. The RLS during withdrawls is fucking nightmarish and last about 2 nights normally. I suggest just saying drunk as fuck for the first 2 or 3 days when quitting.

  5. Yeah it does that for me when the effects wear off. Music is amazing for like 30 min then I have to turn it off. Sucks.

  6. I put in my headphones, blast music, (music sounds WAY better on kratom) then either sit outside in my car researching investment opportunities or lay in bed researching invesment opportunities. (Crypto)

  7. Yeah I take 3g-4g doses of this new batch I have. Usually I would take 6g-8g just to feel anything. But this new batch (I always test new batches at a dose of 2g) and to my surprise I could feel it at that low of a dose. I raised it 1.5g and it was the perfect dose! During that weekend, I wanted to see if I could get rid of my back pain fully from pulling it, from being a carpet installer as my career. At 8g I couldn’t feel any of the Kratom. I was so bummed that I wasted that dose trying to get extra pain relief, when sticking to the lowest dose is always better!

  8. You guys see the difference in demeanor of his partner? 2014 he was locked up at some modified pistol gripping position of attention and in 2019 hes just thugged out

  9. Change the weapon to twinned knight blade with bloodflame blade, looks like a real lightsaber

  10. wait can you try it with malikeths armour? i remember the color scheme matching perfectly with the reference image you showed. malikeths armour is just a little but edgier

  11. Thanks! This is gonna be a super fun build. Will try and incorporate some fire and black flame incantations

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