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  1. I'm guessing Natalie Portman isn't in the movie as much as the trailers suggest since she's in the "with" section of billing after Russell Crowe. Poor Thor, everyone he knows is dead and now Gore the God Butcher is gonna off the love of his life. Dude can't catch a break!

  2. I mean... Trial by combat implies... Combat? A call to arms means to stand ready to fight for your convictions.

  3. In the phrase "call to arms" the arms is short for armaments, which is weapons. I get that it may not be how she intended it, but then it was a poor choice of words on her part. "a call to action" or something similar would have been better

  4. oof, I hope this destroyed her reputation. To spread such a dangerous lie at the height of the Me Too movement, it shows such callous disregard for consequences in the interest of self fame. Lets make this witch infamous!

  5. Swarm gave me an existential crisis! Between that and Beyond the Aquila Rift, I would think Tim Miller is an absolute master of sci fi story telling... but then I remember Terminator: Dark Fate

  6. Wow wtf?! Is that a system error at steam or are the publishers trying to see if someone will actually pay that?

  7. If you have a thing for blue chicks please don't become a coroner

  8. Did this video get to the authorities? Those bitches need to do some time behind bars

  9. This has been posted a million times! And I upvote it every time, because that is some next level mothering!!!

  10. Had to do a triple take on the headline, couldn’t understand why IKEA was getting involved

  11. Not the point of the video, but everyone's clothes are utterly beautiful. A lot of good taste and, I'm sure, expense on display

  12. I have such low nerd cred, I only know the Dragon Balls and the Death Note

  13. The fact there is anything left to sanction is just highlighting the inadequacies of every NATO government. Santion everything yesterday! ffs

  14. The Taliban are the biggest group of incels in the world

  15. The ruble is currently sitting at a 2 year high against the dollar. The sanctions will eventually work, but more is needed. Since the start of the invasion Russia has traded more than 64 billion dollars worth of fuel. So don't be cheering for victory against Putin just yet

  16. I'd say it's his design because it's all he's capable of. He's witless

  17. And you think shes witty? She just pissed herself over and over again like a fuckin idiot.

  18. Yeah, compared to him she's a genius

  19. Most people have nothing but bad things to say about Hitler, but he did kill Hitler

  20. The real power is the friends you made along the way and in the game of friendship you win or you die

  21. Yeah, logic would suggest that title is bs. The average American family would have $12,000 to spend on emergency surgery nevermind little Billy's football practice

  22. Wow! Wish I could upvote this more than once!

  23. Unpopular opinion: It seems like the young actress wasn't comfortable playing a part where she had to be romantically involved with an old dude. She shouldn't have taken the part.

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