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  1. Is there a chance that one day a mini-Cody sticker will appear on his car?

  2. Maybe 🤔. We’ll have to talk to Cody about making that happen!

  3. Thanks for coming on here. Go fast, turn left. 🏁

  4. Looks like a long drive, is it ever hard to stay awake during these trips back home? How do you do it? Late night road trips have always felt so draining, I can’t imagine having to actually do it for work.

  5. They are not terrible when you are traveling with a group. We try to keep each other entertained on our road trips, so it’s not just one person doing all the driving while everyone sleeps.

  6. Sounds like a great opportunity, but not one for me. I want to work in the racing industry badly, but there's no way I can relocate for an unpaid internship when I'm already working full time.

  7. Although it says being in NC is preferred, it is not required

  8. Are there going to be summer opportunities available as well? I am currently a freshman in college, so I would like to get this semester's worth of classes under my belt before applying, especially since summer is more flexible since I would not be in class.

  9. Summer Opportunities are available just shoot us an email then!

  10. Now that our paint schemes have been released what do you all think?

  11. They should legit run Sato in a Cup car at a road course next year if the schedule lines up.

  12. I personally love when teams/drivers have a presence on Youtube with behind the scenes content. I follow every team/driver that has a presence and I really do have a much better sense of connection with everyone who does. It honestly does make me become a bigger fan of them when I have a more tangible idea of what they're like beyond what they show on TV.

  13. We are looking to expand our you tube presence in 2022 so be on the look out there! Also we recently started a tik tok that we will be heavy on for 2022 along with our normal social channels!

  14. I knew a friend who worked for the team and heard they were looking for interns. I was one of the first interns RWR ever had. We are always looking for qualified individuals to help elevate our program!

  15. man i got a bone to pick with RWR. you posted a few weeks ago about needing graphic designer interns and i sent the email with some of my work and never got a response. what’s up with that

  16. Ohhh this is spicy! Can you reveal which building it came out of? We have a few. Do you have the texts to prove it?

  17. Ya'll got any engineering internships and do you guys allow for volunteers on race weekends. Honest question since I've been contacting Xfinity teams the past few weeks to see if any of them would let me volunteer at Phoenix since it's the next time there's gonna be practice after Indy RC.

  18. It would be beneficial if you were in the Mooresville area

  19. Yea I figured. Goal is right after graduating from ASU, I'm going straight to Charlotte to work for a race team.

  20. Send us your Resume and maybe we can help you out when you get here!

  21. Bayley, you’re starting to look like a young BJ McLeod. Is this intentional?

  22. Not intentional but I like the vibes. BJ is one of the most respected guys in the garage

  23. What you do to try and stay entertained during delays besides doing an AMA (which is much appreciated btw)

  24. Interact with the fans of course! You guys are the reason we are here!

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