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  1. Islam was created by the Catholics

  2. Well doesn't really change the fact that having long hair isn't shameful. Unless u take that verse out of its proper.

  3. As in the individual buildings. Church of God is obviously Israel. They all most likely had long hair the men

  4. The name God gave us to call him in English is Jesus. The son and the father.

  5. Everyone's happier without God. That's the whole spiritual fight thing. Here's some advice my pastor gave us..

  6. Well only like .5% are because of that reason. And in reality abortion isn't needed. People also die in legal abortions.

  7. Praying & going to church won't take away your sins. Having faith in Christ and not sinning will make it so God won't mention your sins. U only need to go church once a week on the Sabbath for a holy convocation. (Holy gathering)

  8. Well if you're cold and never heard of Jesus in your life then you're better off than someone who's heard of him and his gospel then chose to ignore it

  9. Having dreams about cuddling with a chick don't make u gay. Also if you don't tell your parents then no problems will arise. Just keep it from them

  10. No. Sin is breaking the law (1 John 3:4). There isn't anywhere in the law where it says "thou shalt not cuss". It's just not recommended

  11. It already says in the bible why.

  12. Being one flesh just means to have sex with. Doesn't mean to be on one accord. According to the law you're meant to marry the person who you've had sex with out of wedlock. If the dad refuses then pay an amount. Also divorce isn't adultery afterwards as long as the reason of the divorce was because of fornication (someone cheating). And no, you're not required to marry your rapist

  13. Well if you ain't making out with em or having sex it ain't gay. Dapping up your mates ain't gay

  14. Man ain't nothing in scripture support that

  15. Seth wasn't born until long after Cain and Abel, and he was born because Eve wanted to replace Abel.

  16. Well ppl usually didn't die in their 80s back then. And if not Seth than any other of their plenty kids they would've had.

  17. The text clearly says that Cain killed Abel. It's not some kind of mystery.

  18. I know. The dudes question I'm assuming eas saying sum along the lines of "if Cain and Abel were Adam and eves sons then who eas there to kill Cain?" Which leaves me to assume they think Cain and Abel were their only kids

  19. You clearly don’t understand what baptism is. OP got baptized in the Orthodox Church, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. It wasn’t „just water“. Baptism isn’t only for those who can choose for themselves, it’s also for infants who don’t even know about their existence. It’s better they receive the seal of God before, God forbid, something terrible could happen to them.

  20. Well it doesn't really matter what false church he's apart of. He got baptized in he wrong manner. And baptism is only for those who know there's never any account of babies getting baptized in the bible. It's better a baby never get baptized. That's too serious a decision to make until they're 20

  21. You’re calling the true Church, which was founded by Jesus Christ Himself, „false“. I don’t know to which heretical sect you belong, but keep in mind the heretics departed from us (the Orthodox Church) and chose to walk on their path. Tho I’m not here to argue now, since I’m aware of the true Church. You’ve got some false teachings on baptism as well, as said before, either be silent if you don’t know or seek wisdom. God bless, and may He help you find your way into the one true Church.

  22. Orthodox is just catholicism. Like all the other sections that come out of them, the religion that started all the falsehood in "Christianity". Orthodox a false church, catholicism a false church, everything that branched out of them false. You haven't proved anything with any scripture. Your source is "trust me bro". Mine is scripture from God

  23. I'm assuming he's preaching somewhere where a prude event was happening first or about to happen and he knew. If so, he shouldn't be doing that anyway. If he sees that on the street then he should ignore it. You're not meant to preach out to people in the street that aren't willing to hear what u say. I've seen on social media people doing this in pride parades. If you're going to preach, preach to an audience that's willing to listen. Useless and unnecessary otherwise

  24. If ppl are willing to cover their faces with masks for years cuz of covid they should be willing to wrap it up for however long before getting to business so the woman doesn't end up pregnant

  25. 150 minutes of medium cardio a week with some resistance training. Also eat healthy.

  26. Why not? Did he not have a glorified human body upon the resurrection that also points to the future of our own bodies? His entire ordeal in descending into the earth, preaching to the souls, then rising once more into life by the power of the father was a model of what is to be for us in overcoming death by the one who already has. He beat death in his human nature by his divine nature which is life and cannot die, so that we who are in him shall not die either.

  27. A resurrected body is not terrestrial. Thats not a human body, that's a Godly body.


  29. Ur not destined to do anything. If u kill yourself thats on u

  30. Do whatever the husband says. For example if the husband and wife wanted to invest in 2 different things but only could choose one it'd be the husband's. they'd go with

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