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  1. What happens if Cam Rising starts at QB for Utah for the entire season?

  2. I am so happy this sub doesn't have highlight posts, they make the other sports subs damn near unusable at times. Maybe if we had a dedicated thread each gameday for highlights that would be fine, but flooding the sub with ten billion highlights posts would be awful

  3. We literally post a weekly GIFs/pictures/highlights thread during the season, sticky it, it gets little to no use by the user base, then people complain regardless.

  4. Yea the 2400 scale was only around for about a decade 3/2005 - 1/2016. The writing section was really fucking stupid because it involved having your essay graded and the essay was a joke. I got an 11 (out of 12) on the essay because i read the wiki article on how to get a good score which essentially boiled down to "use big unnecessary words, have a rigid 3 paragraph structure, use examples people would agree with (I am not kidding, my 3 examples involved saying that nazis, breast cancer, and natural disasters are bad). My 1600 score was very good but im a shit writer and my essay was bad yet I still got a good score. Also, there were a bunch of studies people did to show that score was correlated closely to length of essay. Ultimately, it was pretty pointless and did nothing to actually test writing

  5. So, I used to tutor kids for the SAT at this time and a little known secret is that those essays were read in 30 seconds or less by the people at the College Board. There's no fact-checking or anything like that, so we straight up coached kids to make up a "niche" person to quote or give them something that sounded like a rare quote someone from history would say.

  6. I sort of agree. I’m still enjoying the show, but I am a bit disappointed with the disconnect between this season and the first one. The time jump wouldn’t have been so bad if the gap (not Freeman’s Gap!) would have been bridged in some way. I liked how the ending of season 1 seemed to be about most of the main characters redeeming themselves, but season 2 has been moving away from that. I’d like to know what’s going on with Johnny Seasons and if Eli hired the other pastors for positions at Locust Grove too, what happened in Haiti with the missionary work, was there an investigation into Scotty’s death, etc. I also feel like the humor is falling short of season 1 so far, but I enjoyed everything that stemmed from the blackmail plot so much, especially Scotty (that character made me laugh the most).

  7. Yeah there's no way he can be Harmon. BJ says that his dad was abusive and that they fled in the middle of the night in 1990 when he and Judy are at the hotel. I guess he could be another Baby Billy baby (he and Harmon look awfully similar), but I don't know how they would explain BJ's mom not recognizing him at the baptism.

  8. Or how Baby Billy (his "birth dad") could abandon him at a mall in 1993.

  9. I didn’t think Eli’s breakdown would be so soon. The last season seemed to dedicated to showing how shitty the kids are and this season was going to be them picking away at him until he lost it. I didn’t think it would get violent though, I assumed he would shut down the enterprise and open a rural church somewhere alone

  10. Men who are worth $600 million aren't gonna just shut things down.

  11. Plot twist: Hawaii fires David Matlin and hires June Jones as the athletic director

  12. That’s unlikely due to Hawaii’s state vaccination policies.

  13. June was literally the source who broke the news that Rolovich was applying for a far-fetched religious exemption because Rolo wouldn’t get vaccinated

  14. We still got Timmy Chang! And if Rolo wanted to come back.

  15. Unless Rolo got vaccinated and dropped all his lawsuits against Washington State, I don’t see it happening.

  16. It better be Hawaii not wanting Chang. If it’s him not wanting Chang I’m pissed off.

  17. Appears that June Jones is on board with Timmy Chang, but David Matlin wants control over the rest of Jones’ staff which… lol what a little league move

  18. Damn I forgot about that and if I’m reading this right…they went with Todd Graham instead



  21. they are absolutely planning on making him head coach after they fire Sark

  22. Very much imagine Chris Del Conte lined him up to be the immediate interim if Sark loses to Kansas for a second straight year

  23. Special assistant to the head coach sounds like we fucked up our head coaching hire can you babysit?

  24. Hey, the only times I can recall this position was when they hired one for Justin Fuente at VT, and then one for Gary Patterson at TCU, and wait hold up

  25. Exactly, that’s part of my point. Hopefully baseball delivers. 🙏

  26. Not much of a surprise - had been rumored for about a month. His wife is a UT grad, they supposedly own a condo down here, Chris Del Conte is obviously his old boss and consulting work is a good career reset for GP.

  27. The one thing I don't get in the Harmon being Keefe/BJ/other established character theory is... how does no one recognize him?

  28. I mean, when you watched the back jumbo-tron screens during the GODD scene, you can see things like Jesse leading a "Keep Churches Open" rally, Amber masked up in a ministry scene, so on and so forth.

  29. I never knew I needed Danny McBride, Eric Andre, and Joe Jonas line dancing to God Blessed Texas in my life, but here we are. What a time to be alive.

  30. Joe Jonas dropping one of the best “played by himself” cameos I’ve seen in a long time

  31. What has been your favorite location for a College GameDay show?

  32. What was the recruiting/application process like for you to become a recurring panelist on College GameDay?

  33. Desmond, what does your general prep look like when you get ready for a GameDay show?

  34. GP held him to pretty high standards, which is why his parents wanted him at TCU. Assuming he keeps that path, he'll be fine.

  35. Hopefully he chooses to have more than 15 carries a game at Ole Miss

  36. Among the smaller issues I'm worried about... it's the style guide.

  37. Y'all thought the coaching carousel was insane already this year?

  38. Sincerely love how y'all honored Doeren's contract bonuses and gave him the tenth win credit. Great gesture from the school after unfortunate circumstances.

  39. Howdy! So, there's a lot of reasons we don't allow highlights on the subreddit, but we always discuss ways how to revamp and improve the community during the offseason. As such, we have three inherent problems with highlights:

  40. People who said this game was over before know nothing about football.

  41. Y'all, there's a lot of other places on the internet to arbitrate the results and aftermath of the Civil War. A college football forum ain't it.

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