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  1. Still? Figured that guy woulda be sent packing by now.

  2. imagine being known as the guy who friendly fired a general

  3. The 20/30-something hipsters living with roommates and playing artist/musician/photographer don't mind. Living in that gritty urban environment is an important part of their identity

  4. Garlic you could maybe get away with, especially if you put it the clove whole and then remove it. But I think putting peppers in a bolognese would be an affront to most Italians.

  5. There are no spices at all in traditional Bolognese. All the flavor comes from the reduction of milk and wine.

  6. If you watch that clip, the whole asshole in question here is attached to a certified smoke show of a hottie.

  7. Romanian roosters say cucuriguuuu, that cockadodledoo thing you say in English is just... wild. It's like we have different birds in each country!

  8. There are a ton of freeware programs made specifically for ripping YouTube videos. You don't need to get YouTube premium. I rip YouTube videos all the time for free.

  9. For me, premium is worth it for several reasons besides easy downloading. I sincerely think it's one of the best deals out there to get YT premium and have ad-free videos AND music.

  10. Turkish here: the turkish word "patron" literally means "bossman" and is a word that is usually said as a sign of respect while being buddies.

  11. Patron/patrona means boss in Spanish too, hence Patron tequila

  12. Get good Grades, secure a decent Job and most importantly DO. NOT. DO. DRUGS!

  13. I'm an engineer and it's looking like I'll be playing Pick 2 with house, kids' college fund, and retirement.

  14. Interesting that Disneyland is not represented even though it's been around much longer

  15. It makes me sad that there are baseball fans alive today who don't remember the 86 World Series (or the 91 one for that matter)

  16. I know Mets fans don't like to talk about the Subway Series but that was a cool one to watch.

  17. What? No it wasn't, that WS was super lame to impartial fans.

  18. Wow, that's quite the resume. I'm surprised he's not more widely known.

  19. His name comes up a ton if you study any of the physical sciences.

  20. Spy’s would be executed in almost any war. In the west we just hang them. The whole captured spy dynamic only really started with the Cold War.

  21. Yep I was finally almost back to my pre-January 2021 portfolio value.

  22. How on earth are you down YTD? There absolutely must be more to this story. It's been a record breaking year across the board.

  23. 41% of my portfolio is Corsair, lol. The other 59% is energy/mining stocks.

  24. Imagine hating the male-dominated bay techie culture and housing clusterfuck so much you moved here instead of there for a tech career...and now the entire bay is moving here to flood the dating pool with rich douchebags, inflate the housing market even further into what should be criminal territory, and just generally spread their blandness around. Awesome.

  25. While I can agree with this meme (I know many friends and colleagues who have moved down to San Diego during the pandemic and were pretty easily able to buy homes. Heck, the average 30 year old engineer could easily be making $200,000 these days) I disagree with a few of your points.

  26. It’s actually a combination of Reece’s, shrimp, plantain and ma ma monkey breath.

  27. Jalapeno skins aren't very hot, the supportive tissue for the seeds are where the capsaicin is concentrated. Many of us eat them deseeded raw because they taste good and have a pleasant light burn. I'm guessing someone accidentally figured out the heat was in the seeds by removing them because they aren't every enjoyable to eat or to plant and they discovered enjoyed the light burn from the skin just like we do today

  28. True, but baseball has pitchers. Even the longest-lasting pitchers start to run out of gas after ~120 or so pitches, so they'll eventually make mistakes or get replaced by a guy who's just not as good. And players can't return after they've been pulled out of the game, so at some point you're playing a mix of pros+scrubs vs. pros+scrubs, and the talent differential will create scoring.

  29. I actually love watching that happen in baseball. Nothing like seeing the 2nd baseman take the mound, it's great.

  30. My father always suggested (and I agree with him) a better solution would be to take 1 player from each team off the field for every 5 minutes of extra time; either first goal wins or comparison after set time periods. The team gets to choose which player to take off.

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