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  1. After almost 5 years of playing with a zero-boundary neighborhood friend, we were dumped by the girl’s family. The girl has no other friends and her personality quirks didn’t bother my daughter. She liked her energy. So the mom glommed onto my kid. In the past two years it’s been affecting her other friendships but she still liked the girl and often found herself defending her. Then a few weeks ago my daughter said she was annoying in front of the mom. What should have been a teachable moment became an instant and permanent severing of the relationship. I know this because of the mother’s history of cutting off people she feels slighted her in the least. I was really upset—without warning I lost someone I thought was a really good friend—but now I’m so relieved. There’s a reason they didn’t have friends and once we “broke up” all the behaviors and comments the mom has made over the years that I passed off as no big deal suddenly made perfect sense. What was really upsetting is that the mom instantly turned on my kid and directed her anger at my kid. I am so glad to be away from that toxic family.

  2. You are a saint and your daughter will grow up to be your spitting image with a sound head and a strong moral compass. Meanwhile, that petulant woman will go on to wallow in the stench of her own misery. The real victim here is her daughter. She deserves all our pity, because she didn't choose to be that way. She was molded into a problematic personality because of poor parenting from a selfish and incompetent oaf. May your days be bright and sunny and the birds sing flawless arias wherever your feet may carry you!

  3. Oh, I might run into that once I upgrade to Windows 11. I'll delay it as much as I can, just as I did with Windows 7. As soon as I see a cool piece of software not available to Windows 10, I'm switching, that will take a while though.

  4. Things are much smoother in this regard on windows. For those of us on Mac the reality is much more harsh. Support for the majority of software ceases within five years if you do not upgrade the operating system, and every operating system upgrade runs the risk of rendering some percentage of extant software on your system inoperable. This is literally the primary reason I built an an entire hardware studio. OSX versions that came out the same time as Windows 10 are no longer compatible with any web browsers or any security updates. All the system updates would require you to first update the Operating System.

  5. Yep! Paintbrush or steal your girlfriends makeup brush like me

  6. Makeup brushes are better. Paintbrushes can cause scratches. They have all over Amazon for $8. Leave the poor girl her kit brushes.

  7. A volca doomed to be consumed by mountains of dust with no brush to keep it clean. 😉

  8. In the dinner jacket picture, looking at the hands - did they stick his face over a black guys??

  9. I think it's mostly because he's orange and they possibly had issues with the shading or overall color resolution and rendering.

  10. The shark reversed directions and is now reconsidering all of his priorities in life after this encounter.

  11. You are not wrong, but it's also circumstantial. Knife attacks are lethal more often than gun attacks, but at a distance that advantage becomes irrelevant. There are also many types of guns and different ammunition with varying degrees of accuracy and lethality from different firing ranges. It also depends on where you are shot or stabbed. A stab wound to the head can easily be stopped by the cranium, whereas a gun wound to the head more often results in death, etc.

  12. Off duty means off duty. (Unless he walks in on a armed robbery or a murder)He should have called 911 or let the dude go. Dudes gonna lose his job.

  13. He's also out of his jurisdiction. He says he's NYPD and he also says they are in Rockland County, which is not part of the five Burroughs.

  14. Why the hell is Batman pinning Thanos down? The kids actually did a favor for this off-brand production. 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Hahahahaha! Yes, in your bedroom for beginners. One might consider the basement next before moving up to the living room. Then I'd guess, just maybe with your actual your backyard, perhaps folks who actually listen to the music you're trying to emulate. This boy is tone deaf in more ways than one.

  16. I'm sure the elderly love hearing the n word 37 times in 2 minutes and can relate to da club.

  17. Don't forget him "slapping her ass". I'm sure that one went over exceptionally well at the assistant living facility with all the residents.

  18. Strong armed robbery for food???? FFS!!!!!!! Is there no limitation to this depravity?

  19. Well, that didn't go quite according to plan. I'm sure the suspect appreciated the notification and added escape time though.

  20. No... no you don't. I was 14 when I got a job at McDonalds, and they had me on the deep fryers and grills in less than the first 3 hours of my first shift. They had me operating Fries, Chicken, Fish, and burgers... by myself. During a dinner rush. Within the first 3 hours... of my first shift.

  21. 👋 Keep his wife's name out your f*$#ing mouth!

  22. Mom wakes up one day with the idea of going viral. She grabs the buzzer and shaves her kids heads. Grabs her phone..

  23. That's a reality of the sad times we live in, and I could see someone doing that to a little boy... but looking at it again, she doesn't seem thirsty or of kilter enough to have done that to her little girl for the extra points on one single post.

  24. Besides the fact that people can be swayed to make huge life decisions based on false premises, I think pseudosciences are just generally harmful to public perception of real sciences. Conspiracy theories thrive on pseudoscience and often do real world harm. Anti-scientific thought can be dangerous, look at anti-vax rhetoric for a real world example of that. Just better to have people well informed on how science works in my view

  25. I second this. While astrology isn't inherently harmful as belief system, there are secondary dangers it imposes on a societal level due to the fact that it, like all magical thinking of this sort, can separate large groups of people from reality in a way that compromises both truth and facts, which are essential for the successful operation of a civilization as a continuous, shared experience. That is to say, that laws have to agree with a common reality rooted in facts or else something as simple and as serious as murder can be subject to debate because one group of people believes the victim will come back somehow, contrary to the reality of the situation. Astrologists don't believe this about murder but the very nature of this type of non-empirical thinking is a Pandora's box that, once unlocked, opens the door to a breeding ground for everyone to have their own subjective realities that may or may not be harmful to the well-being of others. A society is based on a social contract whereby we must all collectively agree or at least concede on a basic set of ground rules where good and bad, hot and cold, up and down, and right and wrong, etc. can be identified, tested, and validated and recognized by every person in the society as the basis of all activity. Magical thinking is a threat to that social order because it attempts to legitimize information that breaks with that known reality without any factual basis. With that said, astrology is mostly harmless as it stands, but it is problematic because it doesn't have to be harmless, it can easily morph into burnings at the stake and crucifixions, as other magical thinking in the past have done.

  26. That's one way of dealing with it...and let the fact that he attempts to go into ostrich mode at the end be lost on none of us.

  27. I want to know why this is filmed in the dark with a flashlight.

  28. You've been deserve it! Congratulations!!!

  29. Spray it with compressed air first; you’re pushing anything not in the crevices straight into the pots and faders. Also, a makeup brush is much better at getting between knobs.

  30. That's one high stakes game of hot potato he just won. 😬

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