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  1. All the movies have had those goofy moments but they work because they show sometimes on his adventures with lots at stake he just gets really lucky lol

  2. Mac was only loyal to one thing: money. He would say anything and align himself with anyone to get it. At the end I think he sees all this wealth and just decides to let go for once.

  3. I think a lot of the hate is over blown. Recently people have started to come around or can finally voice that they like it. Obviously there are a few issues (not great cgi, the monkeys, colour saturation ((which was fixed in 4k release)) but overall it's a solid entry. I really like the opening sequence especially. Also the aliens (Interdimensional beings in point of fact) fit the 50s B movie inspiration. I think pretty solid acting performances all around with a good cast.

  4. I personally don't think it was as bad as many make it out to be.

  5. So I support that anyone can have their opinion ofc. But when you said it was "capitalist propoganda" do you mean because the antagonists are Soviets and the whole red scare protests? The previous movies are based on the pulpy serials of the 30s so KotCS is based on the serials of the 50s hence the sci-fi and fighting against the Russians. They even show the MacCarthyism when the FBI investigates Indy of being a communist. Idk the bad cgi are fair points but I don't quite see where the propaganda angle comes from.

  6. Ran into Jack Michaels at the game, he's super nice. Also let's go McDavid!!!

  7. Another matinee… I wonder when the last time the Oilers won one.

  8. There was one against NJ last year, Kassian had a shiner and fought somebody with only lefties.

  9. Raiders of the Lost Ark. It took the James Bond opening, cranked it to 11, and then forever raised the bar for everything that followed. It starts with betrayal, a bullwhip, “nobody has come out of there alive”, lots of spiders, fresh corpse on a booby trap, bottomless pit, more booby traps, a tense swap, racing mechanized arrows, more betrayal, a cliffhanger, another fresh corpse, a gigantic rolling boulder, the villain beats the hero, a chase and an escape set to the greatest theme song of all time. Oh, and a big snake in the plane punctuated by a funny line. Really the best opening of all time.

  10. Raiders takes the cake but honestly all the Indy movies have really good openings

  11. The cool musical transitioned to underworld Shanghai dealings? Is really cool to me sets the tone for the movie. But to each to own

  12. Time to make new lines. Don't force Puljujarvi on the first when he's a third liner. Put Nuge and Hyman with McDavid and bring back Kane, Drai, and Yams line.

  13. How much more does Yams need to prove he doesn’t belong in the top 6. He has not worked there since that flash in the pan in 2020 with Drai and Nuge

  14. That game against the pens he was on that second line that lit them up and they played well for a couple of games

  15. From what I remember, "The Great Reset" is the name of an economic recovery plan made by the World Economic Forum in response to covid. Not sure if this is the same reset the song is referring to, but yeah it's covid-related

  16. Yeah I knew it was popular among covid conspiracy theorists so was just wondering what it meant in the song but I think it just means losing someone to the pandemic means a great reset in your life.

  17. It isn’t a conspiracy theory - it’s real. This is where all this sustainability talk is coming from.

  18. Ah I see, I actually just didn't know much about what it was so was looking for insight.

  19. "Despite everything you've done for them, eventually they will hate you."


  21. Funny how Virtanen was cut out of Kane's Instagram pictures

  22. I'm pretty sure I found the only Hyman jersey in the Ice District store

  23. Was there on Monday and they didn't have any. Settled for a Draisital though

  24. You're right my bad, it was fucking phenomenal I got his instead

  25. I watched it when I was young and it changed the way I looked at life. Getting to rewatch it now was very nostalgic, but also enjoyable in its own right. I didn’t expect that, but it aged very well. What made you take the jump to watch all of them?

  26. It was recommended to me and I saw it was on Netflix and needed something casual to watch and glad I did. Aged pretty well and stands out from the usual sitcom

  27. Is it true at the draft it said his favourite team was Vegas?

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