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  1. You can see why so many were kept as keepsakes back in the day, which is just as well as it means they don't cost an arm and a leg for a decent one, even these days.

  2. Agreed, so worth it. Bit of history and incredible design

  3. Lovely. I'll have to add one to my collection. It's somewhat reminiscent of the Latvian 5 Lati of the same era:

  4. YTA. Rude, wasteful, controlling. You don't have a discussion and then do what you want anyway, especially when the consequences don't land with you.

  5. Agree , just worn . Iv penny's that are smooth , the relief is just about gone .

  6. No, just very circulated. Lucky on the edge bumps and knocks :)

  7. Keep your head down and don't say a word until you secure another job.

  8. YTA. You and your brother should cough up the £7000 if it's so little. Either way they are not getting their special day back.

  9. My last girl would go absolutely stupid over broccoli, she loved it so much. It was so amusing to watch her destroy a piece.

  10. I tried that logic. He (and my parents) said it's not the same because a car is a real world thing with monetary use and value while neopets is just a virtual game that can disappear at anytime if they shut the servers down.

  11. Like a 20 year old bonsai tree grown from a seed then!

  12. Omg I love the castle !!! Where did you find that?

  13. Made it from craft sticks, plans available at ☺️

  14. I would stick to just veggies, anything with sugar or lemon juice is not good for them

  15. What purée are you guys useing? Tempted to try and that is adoriable. Like a little baby with a bottle.

  16. In the baby food section, it's the one with just brocoli spinach and pea purée - check the back to make sure nothing else is added other than veg ☺️

  17. Amazing! How does it look on the finger? Out of bright directional light? Really stellar design.

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