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  1. Vicky 3 has some good bones, but fundamental issues.

  2. Have your seen our government? We have more political prisioners than wver went to the gulags. We also keep them longer. We are also generally less free than like, cubans. So none of that checks out.

  3. My sweet gamer if you're earnestly of the belief that the lions share of thr terrible things happening to the post revolution nation are the doings of Outside Forces and cannot be the fault of Internal Bad Things you are going get so bamboozled rip bozo in future.

  4. USA went with an authoritarian build and lost to a gimmick. It is the only option.

  5. Persona 5 is one of those games that makes me wonder whether I'm just older and a bitter realist/cynic, or Japan is just that culturally different. Because I just wanted to see that dude dead at the end of the first arc. Have trouble with that in general with a lot of Japanese media. The absolute belief in redemption and forgiveness just comes off as naivety. Maybe I'm a bad person, I don't care. Let me murder the rapist please. Same with Akechi. He just tried to murder you. You don't try save him because he cried in front of you after you thwarted the attempted murder, you put him down so he can't do it again.

  6. Japan is more conservative so a guy abusing his power with girls just isn't seen of as big a deal.

  7. The difference is that global warming is a real threat and Skynet taking over everything is a sci-fi nerd thinking their concerns are Very Important.

  8. it is weird when they get mad when I say I am more concerned about Global warming than AI. I mean it isn't weird, it is the expected outcome but it is infuriating.

  9. I have been wonderingbwhy we haven't seen more roguelikes pop up for vr. Was it unuseually difficult to get it to market?

  10. That sexual violence is bad and watching a scene of sexual violence should make you feel bad.

  11. There is some good violence. Like where he kills the bad goblins. That's pretty based.

  12. The idea that these are “hidden fascist propaganda”, I think that’s like saying Bubble Bobble is a communist propaganda piece. I think that level of thought reaches navel gazing/too much time reading.

  13. It's not that he is saying the people were secretly trying to inject messages into kids media. That does happen sometimes though.

  14. You make a good point about the location of a person being relevant to whether they personally should be more worried about AI risk vs Global Warming. I agree that individuals living in Pakistan and many other countries have already been and will increasingly experience great harms from Climate Change.

  15. Fair critique. I can't really know an actual probably of AGI.

  16. I admit I haven't done extensive research on climate prediction track records, but I do remember reading one study that was specifically about mainline CO2 - Global Average Temperature predictions going back to the 70s which found that on average predictions were correct, with some being optimistic and some being pessimistic relative to how reality turned out over time. As far as unprecedented heat waves or other extreme weather events being predicted too conservatively I'm not sure. What you say about Europe's heat waves sounds right, but I don't know if most/all climate predictions are overly optimistic.

  17. Climate change. It is on every level more of a threat than we have modeled. Pakistan, Europe, Florida. You are right the risks are all manageable, however if we were willing to manage them we could have done so by now. So, we have to face greater than expected risks with substandard preparations. We probably aren't looking at wiping out the species, however modern society is fragile. Look at the routine and systemic failure of maintaining infrastructure in America. it would be reasonable to assume most things have similar levels of decay that we personally don't notice. The data on climate seems more chaotic, as heat in a system producing entropy would predict. So the overall trends might be close, but spikes and valleys are hard to predict and deal with. So, yeah, maybe world wide rainfall was only up a little on average, but if the outlier data is an entire country flooding that's hard to work around. That creates greater externalities than we had predicted.

  18. I get why it doesn't happen. I just one time wanna see a guy just own it. Just come out and explain how he gets hella bitches and it is awsome.

  19. Radiation is probably the closest thing we have to magic. We've conquered this element to heat our food, provide power, and even level entire cities. It is for the most part invisible but can easily kill you if you mishandle it or curse entire lands for generations. It even comes from glowing rocks for fuck sake.

  20. It is also what makes our heat beat as electricity is just electromagnetic radiation

  21. A professional actor being overly dramatic? Never

  22. To an extent, of course I do, i have my own issues with patriotism and the police, but and I say this with all due respect, I cannot fathom how people connect those things to fictional characters. Like I said, I have issues with the police and the justice system in this country, I don’t get unreasonably upset just because Spider-Man has a good relationship with upstanding members of the police force, or your uncle is a cop in Persona. It’s the fact that these characters are being depicted in an ideal form of their position that makes it so I can think there are better people in those positions, or that shit could get better. Call me an optimist or whatever, I just don’t see the point in being upset about that kind of thing.

  23. But like, if you just lost a loved one to cancer would you enjoy seeing a children's cartoon about a cancer that solves crime? It is art sure. But you know that isn't a tbing cancer does, and seeing everyone be supper happy and celebrate the cancer would feel real bad

  24. That’s… an interesting direction to take it. I think I understand what you’re trying to say, but in that scenario, replacing the cancer with say, a police officer, you’re choosing to believe all police officers are the same and only hurt others. I don’t believe that because they’re all individual people and I know there are good police officers. I feel like if you’re at a point where every individual police officer in a fictional setting is something that triggers an emotional response like that you might need someone to talk to, or therapy or something similar.

  25. That's the thing. There are mo good police. Even otherwise upstanding individuals have to enforce unjust laws, and protect officers that do real harm. It is a messed up situation but they are hammer used to beat people down.

  26. Why are so, So, SO MANY in a fantasy setting? I feel if I squint barely, they all take place in the same forest, mountains, badlands, etc...

  27. It used to be a genera for girls mostly. Fantasy was also so they just gotnstarted together

  28. Jesus let the Romans solo him. To suggest otherwise is non canon.

  29. So he wanted to get nailed by those roman dudes?

  30. Depends on the efficiency of the supply chain and priority. Generally basic goods needed to survive are focused on first with more luxery/vanity items produced down the line. This plus an ossified leadership is actually one of the big reasons the USSR collapsed. CIA reports even stare that the average Soviet citizen had a better nutritional health than their western counterpart and despite looking drab many of the "commieblocks" are still solidily functional to this day.. Yet as the same time the populous saw all the cool stuff the west had and wanted more of it leading to a powerful back market that fed capital enterprise and led to the political scene which caused its colapse.

  31. We were also threading to destory them and possibly all of the world in radioactive fire. Along with some sanctions and doing terrorism against them. So they did way better than could be expected really.

  32. I mean that whole nuclear weapons and ““indirect warfare”” thing kinda went both ways, so you can’t really claim that was the main reason the USSR failed when “the west” was under the same nuclear threat and didn’t collapse.

  33. Then what was the point of us doing the cold war if it didn't weaken them?

  34. The fr*nch seem like a cosmic joke of a race, but every now and then one of the human races forgets that they specced every single point into sword fighting.

  35. French protest videos almost make the other stuff worth it. They don't, but almost

  36. The Yuuzhan Vong from Star Wars Legends was far more developed than many fans give them credit for. There's a whole caste system and the lowest caste class at some point begin worshipping the Jedi and start a civil war with the higher caste classes by the end of New Jedi Order.

  37. Given that some versions of star wars legends have the force as a malevolent Lovecraftian entity there is plenty of room to explore interesting stories with them.

  38. A reminder that, if you do the quest line correctly, Cyberpsychosis is actually

  39. So just like Stockholm syndrome, it is just people making up a diagnosis to explain how society sucks

  40. AND if you didn't know anything about the lore (Like me before getting into strive), you'd think he was a robot. I had no idea there was a man in there

  41. The original form of thr term robot ment slave so that works quite well here

  42. This is a very "me" thing to post, but I wish it had a Macuahuitl or Tepoztopilli or something rather then a trident: Tridents having nothing to do with Mexico, and prehispanic civilizations are like the one big national sterotype missing from the design.

  43. Oh shit, that would be so sick to have the blades be little energy blades. Or I guess having the blades be missles would eb more historically accurate

  44. Now I'm out of a loop and don't go to social media all that often, but what's the sudden hate for Elon Musk? For the past decade, everybody has been parading around him calling him the man who will change the world, celebrities telling people to buy his cars, guest starring in popular products such as Iron Man and Rick and Morty, and even got a nod in freaking Star Trek. But recently he's been getting JK Rowlinged "Actually, he wasn't that good." I'm guessing it has something to do with him buying Twitter.

  45. While musk still has his hoard of fans at around fivish years ago at least for me people started pointing out that Musk was just another egotistical Silicon valley tech billionaire who was detached from reality due only caring about the cool future he wants to build and not the actual situation in the present. Some people got sick cause his memes were annoying, some caused he called a emt a pedo for thinking his rescue tool was impractical, others from how he encouraged employees to keep working during covid. So the hate isn't really new its just the latest annoying thing he's been involved with

  46. Jeffrey epstine was a close aquantance of thr family and worked closely with his brother for undisclosed reasons

  47. He switched to a cheaper PR firm.and people learned abojt hoe bad a pwrson be really is.

  48. age_difference, milf, teenage_boy, breastsucking_handjob, nurse, medical_gloves, in the style of a renaissance painting.

  49. hunter gathers report generally higher levels of happiness and satisfaction compared to their agricultural neighbors. Healthier to.

  50. We hadn't advanced farm science and metallurgy enough yet. Modern crops yield multiple times what their cops did. So their same life with modern crops and tools would have been several times easier.

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