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  1. We figured vr chat, but any social app could work

  2. I wish the avatar kinda looked like her.

  3. She could just switch it to ugandan knuckles to really get shown the way

  4. Is that a console command or would it work if I just had it on and then opened it?

  5. Before running the game make sure that Steam and Steam VR are running and detecting your device. After that run the game. No console commands required

  6. And that 100% works for you? When i try it it just pops up the fame in a window pannel

  7. He could just claim that they have the wrong guy.

  8. As a common sense libertarian right-winger, I would say exactly what you did but with right and left switched.

  9. The definitions have been middled by fash that don't care about what words mean and will just use them to get power and money.

  10. what is this in reference to? did someone start writing a rational!dune?

  11. It is a spin-off podcast to discuss politics. I think both hosts are kinda anarcho-capitlaist. So aregreeing with eachother it is more about the nuances of theory than disagreements in it. Which is why they don't want to mix the streams with it as it is not a rational set of political beliefs.

  12. Maybe this already exists, but I think they need a separate career track for higher-IQ analytical people who are more interested in the intellectual rather than the physical aspects of the job.

  13. Anecdotal evidence is that smarter individuals see what is really going on, and are a risk of not going along with questionable orders

  14. I disagree. Stolen vehicles and goods are low priority for most PDs

  15. No, he's right. However a clarification in terms is needed.

  16. The pictures of Michelle Obama hanging out with gerorge bush don't do it?

  17. We are going to bomb it like Obama bombed children's hospitals?

  18. The rioting and lootings are important parts of of the system balancing out. It isn't pretty. I'll grant that.

  19. Those kinds of people are not allies in any reguard.

  20. forgets to put build plate back on the Z-axis arm "The print failed due to technical issues."

  21. I mean the drugs literally go in and change the way your brain is operating.

  22. So this is saying your consciousness is like a big living organism that has almost no effect on anything like some cloud that has no fingers to change feelings with. Like I'm constantly wondering how this looks.

  23. For a better shamanistic interpretation I would say your consciousness is kinda like the shadow your brain projects. If you change the brain you change it's shadow yeah? However you can also change the angle of the light to change the shadow, that's more like meditation in this situation.

  24. Is it bad I would love to see him just go at it with a guy with the rainbow led katana?

  25. The best way to end police violence is to get rid of the police. There are better systems of law enforcement.

  26. This kind of shit scares people away from your movement/side. Whether it be you acting like a chaotic redditor commie, or Cletus-chan talking about ethnic cleansing.

  27. Saying than a better world has been possible and could be possible for us is scary to people?

  28. Worth noting this isn't a problem with the riots and he is saying this to try to make people scared and turn surburban white folk against them.

  29. Something weird Christmas miracle in that data set

  30. There is no argument can convince a person who is not willing to listen.

  31. Thanks. He is willing to listen - he's anti-capitalist - I just think I haven't done a good job arguing him

  32. You are selling your self short comrade. Anti-capitalism is a real simple idea. We have just been given big books of fake theory about why it doesn't work out whole lives. It is going to be for most people a far more emovtive process to understand theory than a logical one. You are doing good work.

  33. Are you out of your mind? Stalin was a common thug piece of shit who should've been reeled in with the rest of the thugs running the country during the Bolshevik solidifcation

  34. Clearly, I just mean I'd that's you take I can't imagine you enjoy it here.

  35. Sounds like you are grinding your teeth while you sleep. If possible you should see a dentist about protective mouthguards. Failing that Walmart has perfectly fine mouthguards for like 99c. Unless this is secretly universal and I missed it in the literature

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