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Perspective from a Teacher and Parent of a school shooting victim.

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  1. I’ve been confronted by irate parents in my 3rd floor room twice.

  2. I’ll say this for Sanford...they have a sweet ballpark!

  3. So you would like us to believe that gum intentionally gets swallowed by creatures, like maybe an African Swallow, that happen to have the same migratory path as said gum?

  4. There he goes, trying to take all the credit again. It's not just him; lots of his buddies have helped.

  5. "fluent in Spanish"... I immediately thought of the "Spanish Flu" smh

  6. I’ve had colleagues with serious mental health issues and substance abuse problems. Sure they were adults and mostly getting help of some sort but teachers with guns would be a hard no from me.

  7. And here I was thinking it meant relationship and was going to suggest the Giant Squid and Hagrid's rowboat!

  8. My little brother and sister had a rare sleepover at my grandmothers beach cottage. They wanted to swim before dinner and she said don’t go any deeper than your knees. They thought that was so they'd be safe so they carefully measured the height up to their knees and got totally soaked when they sat and splashed around in the shallow water. She was not amused.

  9. The student was a bit flippant and the teacher was unreasonable. The extrapolation is that this is likely not the first time there has been an issue and, since people had their phones out to record, something most certainly happened prior to the start of the video that likely caused the teacher to respond the way she did.

  10. I agree, not nearly enough context to judge here but clearly the silent stare was not working so the teacher needed to go to plan B. Personally I’d have asked the “helper” to step outside and chat privately.

  11. I propose a National Lockdown Day … perhaps every anniversary of any school shooting. Teachers lockdown their classrooms as if a real shooter was on their way every hour for 5-10 minutes.

  12. The NRA had money and lobbyists but the true culprit to blame is Mitch McConnell and his GQP cultists who put their power to work in stopping any meaningful legislation after Sandy Hook and after every other national tragedy. VOTE THEM OUT!

  13. Would singing the Beatles or Marvin Gaye songs help stop it from going on the socials

  14. These are AWESOME! Why doesn’t this artist have the contract for book covers or illustrations?

  15. Same or similar in many states! I propose a National Lockdown Day where kids and teachers lock their doors, turn out lights, barricade the doors and huddle in a corner either all day or repeatedly throughout the day!

  16. I taught in a state that made teacher strikes and walkouts illegal. More effective would be a Day of Lockdown! Every classroom goes into a lockdown for 5-10 minutes EVERY HOUR of the SCHOOL DAY!

  17. The only problem I have with your post is it only mentions the children. Don’t teacher lives matter too? Anyone killed by random gun violence and their families are victims too.

  18. Your tally doesn’t include the thousands of kids and staff who were forever(?) traumatized by even the possibility of being involved in an “event” (nice safe buzzword). A few years into my career my home room kids and I were in a long lockdown that was due to to a man with a rifle walking by the school. One student was from the Middle East and as this was in the height of “W”’s Iraq war she was visibly trembling but trying to appear only as nervous as her peers. Our school was in no way truly secure but we were all safe eventually.

  19. SRO's can be valuable additions to schools . . . but that really depends on the SRO in question, local police culture, and the school culture. There have been plenty of incidents of SRO's being overly violent with students, especially minority students.

  20. I 100% agree. I taught in a middle school for 22 years that had a resource officer. We had only one that actually liked kids that age and vice versus. If they are randomly assigned the post as a “punishment” or otherwise it simply doesn’t work.

  21. She caved after Sandy Hook and she'll do it again.

  22. The school doors have special locks but the ONLY thing that's going to stop this insanity is to actually pass legislation to control who can own and carry guns and address the oversized magazines. The ONLY way that will happen is if people put aside their GQP and NRA brainwashing and vote out the assholes who perpetually send thoughts and prayers instead of facing the issue head on.

  23. Mitch McConnell orchestrated a total lack of response after Sandy Hook because Obama was president and he'd vowed to stop any progress. Now that the Dems are in control (for how long?) and the NRA is bankrupt there will still be enough Democratic senators unwilling to anger their constituents who shout about 2nd Amendment rights a well regulated militia?

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