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Russia supplied 64.1% of Germany's gas in May 2021. Today, that number is 0%

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  1. Probably just the natives winning in a native uprising.

  2. The list of Canada butchery in this game is immense.

  3. R5: My investors are using the investment pool to build a second railway in Sakhalin, an unincorporated state with nothing in it and therefore no infrastructional usage. Why is that? What makes the AI chose this place over mainland Japan with actual need of market access?

  4. Investors build railways because they produce transportation. They don't care about the Infrastrukture

  5. And fuck the Ainu am I right?

  6. But that's OPs Point. The Ainu are numerically so small a group, that they simply get repressed. They had to work for essentially centuries to even get a small recognition.

  7. Mabel was never held accountable or made to apologize for any of her BS bruh she was so immature and straight up held dipper back from his own aspirations, there's a lot of justification for why people don't like her

  8. Damn, I bought the DVD’s because I just assumed that’d be the last hard copy they’d ever release. Might snag these as well

  9. My English teacher at school had a grandfather who repaired parachutes in South France. Never got relocated, never fired a weapon, had a lot of (consensual) affairs with local women and drank wine. He got transported to Germany before France was liberated. His hometown didn't get a scratch because it's a small village in the nowhere. He was one of the lucky 0.1% and said that for him, ww2 was amazing.

  10. That may have had pretty terrible consequences for the local women. Post WW2 there was an unsurprisingly big anti-german sentiment in france. And there are many examples of women who had relations with german soldiers, being socially ousted/shamed etc.

  11. Yeah but that's not his fault the woman consented and it's not like Hitler only went to war because of that guy's ancestor

  12. Yeah those reprisals were in general highly condemnable. As a human i can understand why the french would take that attitude to collaborationists and fraternization. But it's still condemnable.

  13. What if it was BO. Someone that has BO wouldn’t know and would never admit it

  14. A shoved enemy does not lose their turn. They can normally just get back up again.

  15. But Christ is the lord of the Tetramorph, which is where the 4 comes from

  16. Und plötzlich stolpert man über die eigene Selbstherrlichkeit und Hypermoral.

  17. Vielleicht wandelt es sich jetzt wenn Fredrich weg ist.... Am Anfang gefiel es mir gut.

  18. TBF, this is a great deal of the US right now.

  19. Last week tonight just did a segment on Bail Reform. The jail/bail system is completely broken.

  20. Ich bin kein Fan von Krieg, aber wenn wir uns schon einmischen, dann sollten wir entschieden dafür sorgen, dass die Ukraine sich vernünftig verteidigen kann.

  21. Feel free to ask any more questions related to this map or the Timeline.

  22. Haha thank you for making it in arte style!

  23. Why does the Vinland flag have a telephone in a messenger bubble?

  24. Very high production value to make this look like a real map!!

  25. How do I lower their numbers? With police brutality? (I don't remember the decree name)

  26. The main source for radicals is decreases in Standard of living. The main source of loyalists is raising the Standard of Living.

  27. Legitimacy goes to zero because your Kaiser is a landowner, and that happens if you bring way too many opposition parties (which are not landowners) in the government.

  28. I think the actual problem with legitimacy is that the IGs are different to each other. In current patch multi-IG parties can be pretty punishing. In a monarchy you also get no bonus to ideology-difference in government.

  29. As a Jew I will tell you that last name Volcker is hella Jewish.

  30. In the article you can read his ancestry is German. Volcker is an uncommon but not extraordinary name in german too. Many 'jewish' names are also german names. Since a lot of American Jews' families lived in Germany/were Germans.

  31. I'm more amazed that we have a domestic gas source apparently!?

  32. I've even seen some Oil Pumping Jacks in Niedersachsen.

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