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  1. shouts out to syd the dude

  2. I'm referring to the voice audio clip of the guy yelling, whosampled only shows the instrumental

  3. Everyone asks where is Markiplier, Who is Markiplier. But nobody asks WHY is Markiplier.

  4. On the livestream he said he hasn’t slept in 36 hours and has been editing for space with markiplier so I think it might be a minor break. Give the man break

  5. Thanks for responding! I totally understand and he shouldn't be pushing himself that hard.

  6. I actually built that I'm not even kidding but dont give a fuck if u grief its abandoned

  7. Technically it does break EULA, but Mojang won't go after a small individual, they would realistically only go against big server owners

  8. What if the kid was speed running and there were a bunch of worlds that were taking a bunch of space out of their iCloud and the kid had just beat the game so they could delete it now

  9. Hey shut the fuck up keep ur opinion to yourself

  10. OMG HIIH ILY PLS LIKE OMG lmao ily more rl craft pls

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