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  1. Andy is by far a cringier character than Michael. Andy is also not a good person at all for like half the series sporadically. The writing for his character is so up and down (albeit funny most of the time). I just can't stand him as a character because of that. Half the time, he's a cringy obnoxious asshole and I actively root for his failures. Then the other half of the time he's pathetic and supposed to garner sympathy. It's just too much overall. Easily the worst main character on the show.

  2. There's sort of a reason for that. Andy was supposed to be a temporary character. The episode where he punches the wall (for the first time) was supposed to be the end of his character's arc. When they decided to bring him back, they went with an improved Andy, to make him a permanent part of the cast. Later in the series when he leaves on his sailing trip, it was because Ed Helms had to take an absence to film one of the Hangover movies, so they had to get rid of Andy for a bit. Supposedly Ed bailing to shoot a movie annoyed the writers enough that they turned him back into the old annoying Andy when he returned to the show.

  3. Xiaomi in China is horrible for this. I just want to turn on a TV, not sit through some fucking ads just to turn it on.

  4. I banned my TCL tv from the internet, and use a game console for all of the streaming apps.

  5. Just look at his picture. Does that guy look likes he fucks around?

  6. Hell, a lot of the 10 and 20 series are still excellent cards that will run 95% of the most popular games today on high settings.

  7. I’ve purchased exactly one piece of art in my almost fifty years on this planet, and it was because it made me laugh. I’d by this one in a second though, because Its absolutely stunning. Hopefully you continue to avoid Reddit in the future!

  8. He is illiterate. Insisted that his daily intelligence briefings include pictures.

  9. They also would put his name into the documents as frequently as possible, to entice him to read them.

  10. Aside from the server selection confusion, “Tweeted” rolls off the tongue far better than “Mastodoned”.

  11. They are called "toots" there, which is probably something that will make people look at you like you are crazy if you say "Take a look at what I tooted" :D

  12. Never thought I’d see a boat get Storrowed.

  13. Thats an awful big ship for a college freshman bringing their stuff to the dorm.

  14. I think the important thing is to keep Trump supporters believing the Republicans have conspired to get rid of Trump, and deliberately sabotaged all of his endorsed candidates to hurt him politically. I want to see the Republican electorate as divided as possible going into 2024, because I don’t think Trump is electable any longer. The last two election cycles have demonstrated that. Desantis might be able to win unless MAGAs hold on to Trump, and refuse to vote for him.

  15. Nice collection! I need to get a Waltham. I live just a couple of miles from the old factory.

  16. Its worse than that. Many actually "believe" that white people are the real descendants of the Israelites, and modern Jews are the children of Satan.

  17. Cantaloupe is like cilantro, in that some people love it, and others can't stand it. It may also be a genetic thing.

  18. If you use FB, there’s a New England Paramotor Pilot group. Its run by my instructor. He’s a great teacher, and supplies all the gear for training. There’s also, where you can search for training In your area. People do fly in winter when its calm, reasonably dry, and not super cold. You’ll probably have to wait until spring to train locally, but I can’t say for sure.

  19. Using my whole mouth to suckle it off with tongue action. Perhaps they will reconsider

  20. Oh nothing specific, just your attempt to draw some sort of equivalency between these "black supremacists" of yours, and white supremacists, who have done some absolutely horrible shit to countless people all over the world over the last several hundred years, suggests you may have some gaps in your history knowledge. Maybe its my knowledge, was there some sort of "Black Klux Klan" I don't know about that would ride through the countryside in lynch mobs terrorizing white folks? Were whites given special knowledge tests that no one else had to take in order to be able to vote up until the mid 1960s in some places? Did black cops ever fly over a white neighborhood dropping bombs? IDK, one of us seems to have some misconceptions.

  21. Um, as someone else tried to tell you, wood floats. Wooden buoys don't need bilge pumps, ya know, because they have no hull, because wood floats. Why would you make a hollow wood buoy?

  22. As someone who once worked on a Buoy tending vessel, I can say that it looks nothing like any Buoy I've ever seen. Its too low profile to be easily seen at any distance, there are no points to connect it to an anchor weight. Buoys have been mostly steel since at least the 1920s, some newer ones have foam floats, but even they are metal up top to reflect radar. and finally, Its plain wood color, buoys tend to be brightly colored to indicate their purpose.

  23. I’ll save you all some time. I have not watched this, but the answer is due to three reasons. Its a huge area, There’s a lot of vessel traffic passing through it all the time, and rough seas are pretty frequent.

  24. They’re markers. Thats not the real “headset of death” its a joke.

  25. I’ll take a Ham Sandwich over a carpet bagging, snake oil pushing, puppy torturing fraud any day.

  26. My dad grew up the same way. He found out in his late teens when he stumbled upon some paperwork. It really messed him up for a while.

  27. Don’t get me wrong, the extreme homophobia is bad enough, but over 6000 immigrant workers who for all intents and purposes were slave labour during construction, died building the facilities. The fact that few people seem to care floors me.

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