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  1. So we are just gonna get “Great” mobile games and Among Us updates from this. Woohoo

  2. Getting rid of fast travels or making it shorter than Miles Morales

  3. I’ve had this glitch happen before. Think you got to Cancel All, Hard Reset, Power it back on, and try again

  4. Definitely either FF7 Remake or (if you can deal with it's glitchy puzzles) uncharted

  5. I heard Uncharted was glitchy and pretty bad. Is the Remaster also glitchy?

  6. I own the games listed in the poll but I’ve had all on hold for other games but can’t choose. TLoU is amazing though

  7. It’s their first run though so they won’t have that stuff

  8. Yea ur right but for the Longbow it’s 50k points and a ton of upgrades for the sniper

  9. My crush. She was there for a while and was the first person outside family to say she loves me

  10. I love this game and hope they do something like this on switch or all consoles. Be amazing as a extra game included with RE4 purchase

  11. I got the notification and I though this was a suicide post. Got scared for a min. Don’t even know OP either

  12. Rockstar. Been a decade since the last GTA. Same with Konami. There hasn’t been many games from either recently

  13. BotW at the beginning. Miss all my health and stamina. And my gear

  14. RE8. Love them equally as much but the ending of the DLC was a great wrap up

  15. Honestly they could make bank off Mercenaries. Make it sorta like RE3R and RE8 where it’s a separate game code and when you enter it you go through tutorials obviously and unlock new characters through a Goals/Missions mode. Maybe even a shop where you need coins or points for new weapons and characters. Make level ups a thing and make in game purchases, along with PS+ and Live for Co-Op. On going updates adding new characters. Even better, make it a separate game and people will still buy it.

  16. I’d say so. If you’re going to play Online go with the Essential Edition. But if you want some games with PS+ then go for Extra. There are some good games on Extra like Spider-Man. Premium is for the classics and also has great games like God of War and Uncharted

  17. I think it’s Ultimate Custom Night. Unless SB has the same achievement

  18. I loved Miles Morales, but if you just finished Spider-Man it might burn you out because it's much more of the same. I definitely recommend you play it, but another game in between could be a better experience.

  19. I quit in Spider-Man and played other games before coming back and completing the last few missions. So it is probably not gonna burn me out that much

  20. Really liked Robbie for Resident Evil 1 Chris and if they ever do (but really doubt) they should cast David Boreanaz as Chris

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