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  1. Store your starting position as a variable. You can use a bool such as isMoving, set it to true while the character is moving and to false when they're not moving. In your update method, check if the player is moving, if they aren't then set their position to the starting position.

  2. Thank you for the reply and insight! I’m gonna toy around with it because I’m getting some error messages, but I think it’s because I have other variables and stuff in there, but I think I’m heading in the right direction!

  3. I like it. Sehr gut. Very good. And I might need one of these, how much for 16?

  4. 16? We’re doing a buy 17 get one 10% off special promotion, are you sure you don’t need 18 werewolves? I’ll even throw in our Full Moon warranty 5% off.

  5. I finished reading the gen one mistborn series JUST yesterday and this feels like some synchronicity. The spikes are inside of them, but I dig this style too.

  6. I’ve never read the Mistborn series, so this is kind of a weird coincidence!

  7. Your articles are insanely underrated, these are so so good.

  8. OP you should watch midnight mass on netflix 6 eps and a great story

  9. Midnight Mass is my favorite Mike Flannigan project and one of my favorite shows all time. I definitely was inspired by the “Angel” in that

  10. Bloodborne is my favorite game, always felt bad for not trusting the weird puddle man.

  11. My playstyle is to always dodge at the last minute and start hacking them from the back. So when the stranger didn't moved an inch I was surprised! Oh, a friendly NPC.

  12. I was just thinking this person was another patches, I think I killed them my first play through? But then in more playthroughs I knew that I was, in fact, the asshole. Then I watch a VaatiVidya video about how they were super wholesome and just trying to help people and I am still ashamed :(

  13. You've got some real talent. I'm just as impressed with the environment as I am with spike dude.

  14. Thank you! The environment is actually just a photo I pulled from google images. So first in Blender I sculpted the monster, painted it, set up the lighting so it would fit in the photo somewhat believably. Then, in photoshop I added the background image and added a shadow. Then I took everything to procreate where I added some details! Hopefully some day I can render believable environments, though.

  15. cocks flamethrower-shotgun

  16. Now I want to see what a flame thrower shotgun looks like

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