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  1. dati si mie recomandari pt o carcasa decenta, 3 sloturi ventilatoare in fata si filtre magnetice, ca pe emag is toate la 4.5 cu reviewuri de genul "a venit repede", "arata fain ledurile". imi trebuie ceva care e usor de curatat, mersi.

  2. Nu ma incadrez la varsta, dar iti pot spune de ce unei femei ii scade libidoul (si poate in acelasi timp observi si ca nu se mai ingrijeste/aranjeaza).

  3. Iti multumesc pentru commentul asta. Sunt in prima mea relatie de 9 luni si incerc sa invat cat mai multe chestii ca sa ne fie cat mai bine. Am invatat ceva nou azi, te pup!

  4. Bro eu nu sunt in totalitate de acord. E mișto sa fii atent și sa faci gesturi și fără a primi ceva in schimb.

  5. Da, stiu. Din fericire am parte de o femeie extraordinara si nu se simte deloc one-sided relatia. Mult noroc tuturor in gasirea unei femei ca a mea! ;)

  6. Feromoni de crap frate. Feromoni pe roti, pe mânerele de la ușă. Feromoni in fiecare locșor de pe mașina aia. Și pândește, fii vânător. E vara și nu are prea mult creier. Când mai parchează, vezi daca a lăsat un geam puțin deschis. Ei , când îl prinzi deschis, jbem i ai turnat feromoni înăuntru . Toată lumea zice de faza cu feromonii că e la meme, dar sincer mi se pare cea mai utila chestie (asta daca chiar miros atât de oribil ) . Și feromonii nici nu sunt așa de scumpi, de 100 de lei i ai rezolvat interior + exterior .

  7. Dynamic light projection? Dynamic projected lights?

  8. Sunati la Brigada Rutiera sau la Politia Locala. Poate nu o sa vina atunci, poate nu o sa vina a 2 a oara, dar sigur vin a 3 a oara si sigur se face ceva. Daca stai cu mana in cur si nu faci nimic pentru schimbare de unde te astepti sa apara schimbarea in jurul tau?

  9. I have the same problem on my S10e. Also does anybody else get this really strange input lag if they use their phone while charging? Everytime I type messages while my phone charges the touches simply take like half a second to register

  10. Confirm. Am inceput si eu sa fac asta de zilele trecute (sunat la brigada rutiera) la sugestia paginii voastre de Facebook. Nu dau zona, dar e in sectorul 4.

  11. Când eram in facultate am ieșit cu un tip în oraș (el era cu câțiva ani mai mare decât mine, avea un venit stabil).

  12. Ne fac de ras ratatii astia...

  13. as putea incepe sa scriu o carte despre psihopate si povesti horror de sex, dar e tarziu si maine ma trezesc devreme.

  14. You obviously didn't try Blade&Sorcery

  15. I will never understand this. Tell me how it makes sense that turning on a turn signal pops the cameras up is patented? How is it not the same with putting the car in reverse and the camera popping up?

  16. Yeah I don't get it either. These patents are bullshit

  17. Notice how everyone hating on the Yoke hasn't driven it yet. Interesting how that works.

  18. Yes because re-learning how to steer a fucking car is so much fun

  19. I need to make an MMORPG called "the tiny penis of Xi".

  20. why the fuck did I laugh so hard lmao good job man

  21. No way. Absolutely no preorders. Not even Portal 3

  22. Splinter Cell is dead, people. Even if a new game gets made it isn't going to be Splinter Cell. It will have aliens or zombies or superpowers.

  23. Didn't they announce some time back a Splinter Cell VR game? I've been waiting for some gameplay for so long

  24. No offense to you, but attitudes like this are why we got uninspired games from them everytime.

  25. wow dude I think you're really fun at parties. let people enjoy things

  26. We donwvote because it's a dumb move that statistically causes more problems than you realize. Like people have said, it reduced quality, increases profits, reduces accountability, and for what?

  27. I've been on Reddit for 7 years now and on every game thread I see the exact same thing: "Don't preorder guys, it's bad for the industry!". And believe me, I know that, but what bothers me is that Reddit doesn't understand that by simply commenting on a thread with "DON'T PREORDER!!!" won't change a thing. The companies will still rake in cash and they will still release the game half broken or whatever the fuck state it's in. Why? Because for every person who won't preorder there's hundreds of people who will throw money at the screen on the ULTIMATE DELUXE EDITION, so a couple of thousand people in the Reddit community won't really affect the companies' profits.

  28. I don't care about downvotes. I preorder a lot of games I'm excited about.

  29. Yeah the fact that its on Steam is glorious. Finally I can get rid of Origin cuz it sucks ass

  30. This gives me intense anxiety and I dont know why

  31. Dude, that case front panel is sick!! Which Coolermaster case is this?

  32. Salut roddit, intrebare rapida. Am vreo 10 carti si n am ce sa mai fac cu ele. Ce pot face? Pot sa le duc la o librarie? Sau le dau pe olx pe gratis? Chiar nu sunt interesat sa iau bani pe ele vreau doar sa ajunga la cineva care chiar o sa le citeasca.

  33. Incearca pe fb, freecycle bucuresti.

  34. Ce tare e Freeycle, chiar nu stiam de el. Ms mult

  35. Unde găsesc și eu sa descarc ferma animalelor de Orwell? Dacă știe cineva un site cu cărți:)

  36. Libgen is the mother of all ebooks my dude

  37. I played 4 days ago and just now when I entered the game I got 125. Weird.

  38. LG 27GL850. Got mine for 360$ and it's incredible for the price

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