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  1. Ok thanks. For now I took the FSE version and changed the grip levels a bit and that works for now.

  2. I have a version I plan to use for my league that is based off FSE. Not officially ready yet

  3. That track was made for their online league, it was never tested for offline stuff.

  4. The tests completely failed :)))

  5. Can you not read? IT WAS NEVER TESTED FOR OFFLINE. FTF was a online league, the tracks didn't need to work for offline.

  6. He did do up a league exclusive Texas World track but it was never released to the public cause it needed some work to it

  7. The only reason I know about it is I ran there when they was around

  8. The MENCup 19 mod runs better than the next gen mod at high settings the 2019 mod isn’t that demanding. The next gen mod is poorly optimized my pc is way more than enough to run this game.

  9. Idk what to tell you then, like I said I've had over 50+ drivers run this year in my league and we have no issues other than maybe 1 or 2 drivers falling out occasionally. Maybe try redownloading it if you haven't yet.

  10. What settings do you run ? I run mostly high settings with shadows off and reflections In mirror my number is set to 8 Ahead is 42

  11. for car quality i run medium cause there's not much difference with this mod between high and medium. I have 42 ahead and 32 in mirror. Shadows was off but they are currently on, Mirror is on high, crew is on high, texture filter is normal. Again im doing all this with no reshade and I do have the 4gb patch, and the newest d3d8. I have a AMD Radeon RX580 card as well


  13. There will be a cts release coming

  14. I do not see where he said there wasn't gonna be any me being a part of the mod group thay helped on this project, I'm pretty sure I know that there will be gns, cts and pta released soon. That tweet was in regards to getting the cup one fixed before releasing the others instead of having to patch the other 3 as well

  15. Haha nice! Can’t wait to see it. Props to all of you working on it!

  16. Yes it was a teaser race to show the progress on the mod at that time. We was able to get the dev team together and was lucky to get JTN to stream it live


  18. you need to drop this folder in the tracks folder

  19. Here you go, they go in your layout > stamps folder. If you dont have a stamps folder created it and put them in it

  20. I think what he is talking about is if you barely scrape the wall like wall ride it but not enough to slow your speed it will cool down your right side tires. There was a term that use to be used and I don't remember it. I have heard about it before in a league.

  21. Can i ask what Pocono you are using cause that lap time sounds really slow.

  22. I requested registration last night, hopefully we will be racing eventually!

  23. If your the one i seen today you have been approved

  24. Anywhere to find the final results?


  26. Where cam I sign up? My first outing at Homestead was fun, and I want more, despite some dumb mistakes I made (accidentally DQing by driving two pitstalls back in reverse and hitting the pit water barrier head-on when I had the lucky dog). Thanks everyone for putting up with me throughout my first "real" run at a race. Where can I sign up for other leagues? I want to get better for next year.

  27. gonna have it updated here in a few but im thinking your right

  28. Points are updated fully now on the spreadsheet

  29. Can you give a rundown on the qualifying and duel procedures for Sat? How many groups? Length of duel race? Qual/race times? Thanks?

  30. Basically im gonna host night where drivers can come on to run a qual lap to place them in a heat instead of just picking drivers to be in which heat. there will be for heats or duels which ever you want to call it. Your heat will be saturday, objective is to finish in the top 7 spots to advance into the main race. The length is gonna be 20 or 25% there will be yellow flags on. i think the first heat starts around 8. as far as i know there will be 2 servers going, so we can get all 4 in before too late

  31. After discussion with the other 2 we decided to forget about qualifying to set the heats instead we used to set the heats. the heats are set they can be found here -

  32. There is a FAST series race tonight at Dover with DMRNNS13st mod (GNS physics) if anyone wants to join in and get some track time

  33. Drew's right and this would give you a idea of how the track will be, it wont be as fast as the cup times but be close enough to know how it will handle

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