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Megathread: Roe V. Wade has been overturned which means House Bill 1280 will take affect in 30 days banning all abortions in the state of Texas unless the woman's life in danger.

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  1. I agree completely. My issue is with the woman knowing taking the weapon as a publicity issue to get her pound of flesh from the national guard. She knew who the weapon belonged too, she could have called the cops while at the vehicle and reported it, tried to locate the driver of the vehicle etc but taking it and blasting it over twitter is what I have an issue with all because she has grievances with politics and border patrol etc. Sure she secured the weapon that in this case needed doing but I don’t think she went about it the right way. How Iong until another left or right wing nut try to ‘secure a weapon’ in the wrong circumstances for publicity and get smoked in the process because of this womans publicity stunt

  2. I don't think you quite understand, this has been going on for at least 4 years. CBP, Texas Guard, Militias, and weirdos have been damaging or trespassing on this nature reserve constantly. they've been assaulted, harassed, and stalked. Just because you're unaware of it happening doesn't make it new.

  3. Bumper up to your collar‽ Sounds like what you're describing has an aftermarket lift kit; The bumper is normally under a meter

  4. The newer, unlifted, f150s have a hood height of at least 55" ~1.4m. they're taller than a 560sel.

  5. There are no color calibration settings at the moment. You have to select driver>win 10 there's a zip file.

  6. Odd, they seem to have taken it down. Use

  7. Missile have to catch planes. They have to be faster.

  8. But why is it this big? Wouldn’t a smaller drone like those ones Dji makes suits better for this personal reconnaissance role?

  9. Not OOP but the sex scene between Jilan and Johnson felt out of places. Felt weird that they were joking around about Johnson's stubble when harvest fell.

  10. That's weird, because when I lived in Seattle recently, I had internet through an ISP called Frontier, who had a building in the university-district right next to the grocery store. Frontier provided fiber internet, btw; not cellular or satellite.

  11. They were bought out a year or two ago by ziply fibre.

  12. There goes my idea to have abortion clinics on Native American land, thereby skirting any state prohibitions.

  13. you think they needed the courts to do that? they already had the Hyde amendment and it's cooling affect.

  14. My counter argument to the NGs is that we don't handle weapons enough. The Army glosses over handgun qualifications which doesn't help with developing muscle memory or proficiency. It's like if you only did swimming once a year. You would be clumsy in the water verses someone who did it more regularly.

  15. I'm confused as to how concealed carry would improve weapons handling. CC isn't a signifier of training or competency, at most it's couple day course and a single range day. It offers nothing a person can't already get from training without it. There's no requirement that CC holders train more if at all.

  16. So question on this. If Native American reservations have their own rules, whats stopping the reservations from opening clinics next to their casinos?

  17. From the years of 1970 to 2001 Indian health services preformed 25 abortions. As of 2002 85% of clinic were not in compliance with IHS abortion standard and 62% of staff "stated that in cases where the woman’s life is endangered by the pregnancy, they do not provide either abortion services or funding."

  18. At 6 second right before the second jet comes into frame you can see 2 fast moving projectiles traveling up into the clouds. Could be missiles, could be AA cannon.

  19. That looks like lense flare to me, matches the camera movement too closely. Might be from the 2 flares we see when he plans towards the sending plane. They also get lighter as they plan away from the 2 flares.

  20. SpaceX pay is below average for aerospace. They also have as terrible work life balance as Tesla.

  21. Naive question, but why not have a one second fuze on their launch, or some such mechanism to buy the loader time to move?

  22. So you can't drop multiple rounds in the tube.

  23. I can't really say I'm surprised, chat bots are pretty good at telling you what you want to hear. sounds like a repeat of

  24. I remember when I was in a tank museum and a guider said that sherman (with a short gun) was better than Panther (and there was a destroyed panther) because sherman has a short gun, so the reload is faster. I was so angry at that day

  25. Are you sure he wasn't confusing shell length? 530mm vs 890mm

  26. Watching that fashion show, I kept wondering how the hell they would be able to draw those guns before they got totally fucked if they were in a legit life or death situation. Especially the dad and baby. Oh hello fellow attacker, let me just unzip my pants and clumsily unholster my gun to defend myself and child. I'm not a gun expert but it just looked so cartoonish.

  27. He's unzipped his pants because he can't show off the holster any other way, he doesn't need to to draw it. It's just the stupidity of haveing a concealed carry fashion show.

  28. No that’s not accurate. Constitutional scholars pretty unanimously agree with the individual rights interpretation. I’ll provide a short survey of the current consensus. Collective rights interpretations are academically dead. If you want to repeal the second amendment, just say that, don’t go for the ahistoric and heterodox view that just happens to align with your political motives.

  29. How is that consistent with the rejection of Madison's proposal 7?

  30. Just bought one. The service menu says its a sharp LQ270T1JG29.

  31. If you offset fans from your panels where are they going to get air from? isn't it just going to be case air, if there's even any space. or are you saying the fans need to be on the outside of your the case? like the diagram at 1:35?

  32. good thing the f-35 still has a cannon then.

  33. You think the war of 1812 and Korea were against asymmetric opponents?

  34. Wait, asking someone to drain the hot water is a joke? I used to do it every night at the cafeteria I worked at because the manager didn’t want to leave the machine full overnight. We would turn off the machine at the end of service and then turn off the supply after we closed and drain the machine of everything.

  35. It's in reference to the hot water spigot on a commercial drip coffee maker.

  36. what's the joke in those examples? I feel like I'm missing a lot lol

  37. A lot of commerical coffee makers have a

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