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  1. it's the inconvenience of a bolt on skewer combined qr's lever. you get none of the benefits of a qr with all the bulk and it's knurling is going to grind against the dropouts as it tightens won't be a problem for metal frames but isn't great for carbon.

  2. The serrated part turns independent of the lever so it should not grind anything. It scratch some of the paint off, but that will happen over time with any QR.

  3. That's good to hear, yours is better designed that the ones I've had the displeasure of working with.

  4. Inflate your tires at 9 and 3 to avoid sealant gumming up the valve cores?

  5. Whats the time of day have to do with airing up tires? Im new to this! Thanks!

  6. Gotta be careful that cold evening air will cause a blowout

  7. 4700, rx800 and grx 10spd are both 11 speed road pull. They'll work fine. Ultegra 10spd is 10 spd road. They won't work together

  8. 90kgs is within the range of a normal riders, most fancy carbon wheels are rated for 100kg your stock giant wheels and tires won't have a problem. You'll be fine running anywhere from 40-60.

  9. I'm speaking from experience as well. You're a data point of 1. Awesome you've gotten around on a cheapo bike with no maintenence. That's not how it pans out for most that actually try to use it every day to get to and from work. I'd never recommend a Walmart bike that has to do that. Not my family. Not a stranger. Of course there are exceptions. Forgot the YT'er that does it but he reviews big box bikes and picks out the diamonds in the rough. There was a schwinn hardtail sold at wally world for cheap that was solid. Wouldn't expect anyone to do that level of research.

  10. Titanium pedal axles don't exactly have a great reputation for durability. Titanium is know for many things but not it's abrasion resistance at least when compared to steel.

  11. Had a feeling this would work, just ordered some mags to try. Is it the same notch as the

  12. Its the tool for the job but it looked like it was too far away, hard to tell on video. Something a little larger than birdshot with a tight choke for a bit of range. Back in the day poachers would fill the cup of shot with lard to hold the shot group together for a bit longer in the air. No idea how well it worked or if it worked at all.

  13. It turns it into a slug, it won't separate until it hits something.

  14. Could we get an in focus pic of what you're trying to show us?

  15. What you got a problem with 80mm cranks? /S

  16. They've also increased the release speed of bombs to mach 1.1 were gonna have jets screaming in at mach 10m above the battle field doing series releases. Capping is going to be fun.

  17. Just grab one from harbor freight or Canadian tire. They certified the same as any other torque wrench.

  18. Iโ€™m not sure which calculator is better but that one seems to advise much higher pressure than this one in the settings I just used.

  19. Silca calculator is primarily focused towards optimizing rolling resistance and comfort while also using specific pressures from pro riders as a gimmick. You can certainly use it but it has a reputation for pressures low enough you'll need to dodge potholes. they do adjust pressures based on feedback, the pressures are a bit more reliable but they still solidly in the road and gravel realm.

  20. I'm extremely sceptical of the 0 weld claim. Or maybe it has zero strength and it's held together by your sheer will to whiz.

  21. It's simple they 3d printed it. They also saved weight by using derailleur housing instead of brake.

  22. Height is good... I have one of those goofy adjustable stems right now because the longer I ride this ebike, the more upright I find I want to be lol.

  23. Yeah, the external cup head set is going to raise the whole bike but not change the bars in relation to the seat. It'll shift you back a bit slacken the head tube angle a bit, raise the bottom bracket and so forth.

  24. So it isnโ€™t possible to go ZS on the bottom cup, right?

  25. Do you know if a lot of people do run the Smart Sam tires tubeless a lot on the Load?

  26. The 20" sam isn't tubeless. They're rated to 90kgs load with tubes.

  27. You can but it's going to suck to install. A decent number of 90s MTB racers would stretch 24" and sometimes 20โ€ to save weight, but mostly just to brag.

  28. I remember when conspiracy theories were fun.

  29. sim mode was completely dead for me the moment they started to add captured tanks and planes to every tree. The main point of sim mode was to being able to recognize enemy tanks and planes from friendly ones and these idiots allowed all tech trees to basically have all vehicles.

  30. The very first German premium was herman the Sherman. captured premiums were a part of the game since the very start. When sim was still its own que.

  31. Sometimes manufacturers will add dimples to make space for the rotor. I have a Breezer Doppler with a very similar dimple. You should check with the manufacturer for peace of mind but it's not terribly uncommon.

  32. They got rid of it in 2013 either beta or just after release because it's disorienting.

  33. Yeah I'm just reading this now for the first time and everyone's being weirdly hostile about it

  34. Part of the problem is his story gets exaggerated to the point of saying he built a reactor. His actions are more fairly attributed to a poorly managed divorce and somewhat absent parents than genius. He was given a chemistry book and started blowing himself and his house up. When he got bored with that he started collected radioactive sources. he was obsessed with the aesthetics of science and the praise he got from it. It's sort of like saying someone a chef for reading a charlie trotter book.

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