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PsBattle: This truck in a tree.

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  1. Just how did you guys learn to drive manual transmission? I feel like on braking zones there's so much happening - brake at the right time, lower gears to the right number, take a turn, accelerate at the right time, watch out for others - that it's hard to get it all right.

  2. 99% of the time you should shift when you’re hitting the rev limiter (gauge starts flashing).

  3. Interesting! By upper Rpm do we mean the upper/higher band for any gear? What situations does it help to have higher power?

  4. Epic shot. What were your focus settings?

  5. Shutter priority and I had my focus set on the banking already using back button focus.

  6. On a technical level, why does that capture the car’s movement but not the setting?

  7. Love the pastel look. Any specific LUT or fit simulation you use?

  8. Sunset timing and some color grading (midtones orange, shadows blue, highlights cyan), some calibration (blue desatch and hue -51), and blue adjustments in HSL

  9. Yeah Lightroom. Trick is accentuate the light source, so I did a large single brush in the upper corner with the exposure up and some tweaks to contrast etc. good tutorials on YouTube!

  10. That's brilliant, how did you manage to get that close to the seagull?

  11. It definitely had its eye on me, but I stayed low and scooted in slowly and shot at 70mm

  12. Dude I have almost the same bike! Well at least frame and wheels. Nice one!

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