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  1. Other than sticking it in, I would like to try it looks very juicy.

  2. I had a three-way in your high school with two guys and one girl we were all fluid.

  3. It's a building, some trees and shrubs, fellacio, a bench and some concrete.

  4. Thank goodness, for a moment I thought it was a new form or pickle ball.

  5. I feel as is an act of solidarity and we are taking notice. Next Mexico will be sending tacos to the war or whatever it takes to help.

  6. What defines a drag queen show? just call it circus or something else.

  7. They are scared or ignorant? Virtual dating is a good solution. By the way my personal preference is to pay my boys at front instead of the slow payments of that come from dating them.

  8. Fast until 6pm for a week and cut off saturated fats. You’ll be good to go and then go to a bathhouse and be free.

  9. Just like in any jungle we have wildlife yet to be discovered + tourist.

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