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  1. Any idea why we’ve let him go? I assumed he was off home or for a fat pay cheque in France.

  2. Irish offered a two year contract, Saints only offered him a one year deal so decided to move apparently

  3. Shame, he’s got better with age and been a good servant for us so surprised we wouldn’t offer him the extra year. I guess Dowson et al want to focus on the youngsters perhaps?

  4. Lecturer. Not worth the effort when you can get paid a lot more for less work in industry/elsewhere.

  5. Can’t this Friday but would be interested in future iterations.

  6. I’ve had a look at the teams that we might be facing and it doesn’t fill me with much confidence.

  7. It’s us, in Europe. I predict one ‘brave’ performance amongst a handful of batterings.

  8. Retiring English forwards and nailing conversions, name a more iconic duo.

  9. Spain are pretty tasty on the counter, just a shame they can’t seem to finish!

  10. Colman’s in South Shields if you fancy venturing further afield.

  11. Nice time to make you’re debut when you’re 18 points up with 15 mins left against the All Blacks…

  12. Kind of just sounds like typical Dev (more Transcendence than anything else). Nothing getting me overly hyped but then this is just 30 seconds.

  13. “Sounds like typical Dev” and even a compilation of Devin’s fart sounds would be awesome, so not sure what the complaint is here!

  14. Actually don’t have many complaints with this squad overall - except the continued inclusion of Ewels and Hill.

  15. I rate that team tbh, though we aren't experimenting much using it. Only Freeman and Chessum are the really green ones, Stuart is what he is ie not gonna light the world on fire but still ok. Unless we simply don't back Randall and care will go to the RWC, it's gonna be difficult to bed him in properly in one year

  16. I suppose I’ve picked that team as one I think could actually win, rather than an experimental one to blood players.

  17. So from that I’d say Smith (bar goal kicking), Lawes, Curry and Rodd can be semi-content with their performances. The rest I’m sure Eddie is glad to know they’re not up to it!

  18. Pleased with Underhill and Marchant too. Probably a few more.

  19. Yeah shame Underhill went off fairly early when one of the second rows (ideally both) really needed to get hauled off.

  20. Mix of childhood club/current club, current club/future club, current club/grassroots club for support I suspect.

  21. hill and ewels might genuinely be the most mediocre, bang average second row we've fielded in the last decade or so. just do not rate either at all

  22. I’ve only just realised they’re both on the pitch.

  23. Damn, Dombrandt would shine in a BaaBaas game, especially with Care, Smith and Marchant around him.

  24. It feels unlikely that this is going to be a normal baabaas game though, given its effectively England's 1.5s v Frances 1.5s

  25. Yeah true, fingers crossed it’s still played in the Barbarians’ spirit.

  26. Was that the one just after a kick off where he just emerged from a maul and ran it in unopposed?

  27. Best team all season deservedly won in the end, can’t complain with that result.

  28. For the challenge on Biggar? I find the inconsistently astonishing- there were far worse challenges in the semis that only got a yellow

  29. Yeah, I don’t necessarily disagree with this one but agree it really does shine a light on other challenges that arguably looked worse and have escaped any punishment at all (even red cards at the time).

  30. I probably disagree as I prefer Deadhead, however I would propose that most of the reverence for Deadhead probably stems from his live vocal performances of it.

  31. A full Accelerated Evolution show would be great.

  32. Ireland to win game 1? Big call. All Blacks haven’t lost at Eden Park since 1994.

  33. Think they mean they’ll win 1 of the 3 games, not necessarily the first one.

  34. My local Lidl is next to useless now, always go for opening on a Saturday morning and it's like 3pm Christmas Eve huge gaps on the shelves, this morning no bleach, coffee or frozen cauliflower cheese and it's been the same all year. Avocados are always good though. On,y go as it's cheap but may need to have a rethink. I hear they have the stock at their distribution centre but not the drivers to get it out so perishables take priority. I wonder where all the drivers have gone.....?

  35. The three essentials there. Bleach, coffee, and frozen cauliflower cheese.

  36. As long as we don’t get absolutely pumped, I’ll be content.

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