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  1. Nobody randomly becomes a good player in the NBA. He's committed countless hours to improving his game and physical fitness. Watching film, working on his handles and jumpshot. Even then, it might be a matter of time before teams start identifying his weaknesses. He might start to struggle again, and people will think his current performance was just a flash in the pan, but in reality he has gotten better and just needs to adjust to the adjustments others have made on him.

  2. Lauri Legend has been putting up awesome offensive performances since his rookie year. His skill and talent are real. However, I'm not sure he will sustain his level of play throughout this entire season. It's his first year as a #1 option.

  3. Contact your bank's fraud department. Do a charge back. StockX will ban your account, but I doubt you care right now, nor should you. They've long since established their anti-consumer reputation and don't deserve your business whether you're buying or selling. As others here have said, eBay is the best place to buy and sell right now. It's not perfect, but their customer service infrastructure is much better than GOAT, Flight Club, or any other sneaker reseller for that matter.

  4. Bam has already shown he can be a top tier player. He's unplayable on his day, besting even the likes of Giannis. His problem isn't peak, it's consistency. The real question is whether or not someone, or something, can permamently cull that potential out of him by force.

  5. Relax, buddy. I know users here have sub-high school level reading comprehension, but even a cursory look at my comment would tell you that I wasn't saying that Bam is better than Giannis, but rather that Bam is capable of outplaying Giannis on the floor because he already has in the past.

  6. If Hannibal Lecter ran a 4.3, we'd probably say he has an eating disorder.

  7. The roster and its architect are far bigger issues. Cashman built a flawed team around the former baby bombers. Too many sluggers, too many righties, too many average to poor defensive players, and too many one-dimensional players. He's also struck out on nearly all the pitching trades he's made in the past 5-6 years. He's a great GM, and the '19 Yankees were a geniunely great team that lost to one of the best teams ever assembled, but his vision and voice for the team has gotten stale and listless.

  8. Kyrie is overrated by NBA players, but underrated by fans. I lean closer to taking the NBA players side of this debate because they see his talents in person and up close. I ultimately think that he'll never achieve his true potential. A player of his skill should be competing for MVPs, jousting with the top tier players. He's one of the best shooters ever, one of the best ball handlers ever, and a super talented passer. Problem is that he just wants to be Kobe, but won't accept that he doesn't have the size, strength, and athleticism to be that kind of player.

  9. Curry's first MVP season has become a little underrated. I'm not sure if people who claim Harden deserved it watched or remember that year outside of their basic statlines. Curry took a sledgehammer to the league that year, smashing all kinds of scoring and efficiency records as a first option. The latter half of the 14-15 season is when people started debating whether or not he had surpassed LeBron as the best player in the game.

  10. Tony was the better offensive player. Joe Dumars had a more well-rounded game. Both incredibly tough competitors. Hard to say who I'd prefer. It depends on team construction. I think the Spurs ended up benefiting more from having a clear-cut primary ballhandler that could drive to the rim at will and shoot from the mid after Tim Duncan's prime than they would have from having Joe D. Isiah Thomas held the rock and scored for the Pistons at the guard position, so Joe D was and is a better match for their roster. I'll give the edge to Joe, but I hope people don't forget that Tony was the best player for two finalist Spurs teams.

  11. I personally think it is. Think about it; basketball is one of the most physically demanding sports you can play. An 82 game season is grueling for any player no matter how athletic or well conditioned they are. The severity of injuries are downplayed all the time, and I wouldn't surprised if some injuries go deliberately unreported. Basketball players are human beings at the end of the day. To think that none of them would be tempted to use PEDs, for players and the NBA to say that their sport is clean, to me, is pure rubbish.

  12. If you're on land, be careful with all your belongings. Even if you're in a tourist zone or a resort, crime in the Caribbean has gotten a lot worse over the past couple of years. Delinquents there are very brazen compared to others.

  13. Goku winning the 25th Tenkakchi against Piccolo takes the cake for the hardest title ever won.

  14. Yeah but he then begged for Piccolo to join his team and got bailed out against Raditz. We saw who the real alpha was when they shared the same supporting cast.

  15. The real alpha? Piccolo looked about as manly as Puar after Goku bailed out the entire Namekian race against Frieza. He even let them stay on Earth for a year.

  16. I feel like I just read real life Johnny Boy Soprano's origin story. Super cool post, OP. Nice bit of history the NBA probably doesn't appreciate being publicized.

  17. Wasn't it Carmine that invented point shaving in that universe?

  18. Yup, but he was pretty low-key compared to other high-ranking mobsters like Johnny.

  19. Leagues shouldn't always take cues from one another, unless the precedents are similar. The NHL chose to retire Gretzky's number because of his skill and reputation as a player. This doesn't mean the NBA had to retire Jordan's on the same basis, especially when the "greatest of" argument is far more debatable with Jordan than it is with Gretzky, who held a legitimately to-this-day unheard of percentage of NHL records and achievements.

  20. How long did Mercury take to make and ship your pair, if you don't mind me asking? Also, did you have to provide donor soles?

  21. Interesting post. Joey Gallo isn't a player suited for every roster. I thought it was a bad trade when the Yankees made it. One of the problems with their current core has been having a lineup with too many high strikeout sluggers and not enough guys with strong contact and situational hitting skills. They've had great regular season offenses for the most part, but always got mowed down by good starting pitching in the playoffs. Joey was not going to help, even with his lefthandedness. I think Brian Cashman got it wrong by trading for Stanton too. Should have been Bryce or Manny.

  22. I don't want this trade to happen even if he were to maintain his current level of play for the next 3 years. Kevin Durant, as awesome as he is, is a known flight risk and perpetual malcontent at this stage of his career. I know using that kind of language to describe an athlete is reductive, but there's no other way to look at it given the trajectory of his career since his exit from Oklahoma City.

  23. '12: KD played very well and role players like Ibaka and Sefalosha chipped in nicely, but the key difference maker was James Harden. The Spurs couldn't stop him as the primary ballhandler during late game situations.

  24. Sean Elliott retired that year. He probably thought it was time to go after getting cooked so badly by Kobe.

  25. Lillard, no question. Tony has the edge at rim finishing, but Dame is no slouch there either. If you switch the two, the Spurs would have won more championships. Not sure where the rings argument is coming from, considering Dame never had as good of a team as any of the title winning San Antonio squads. Tim Duncan was the main reason they won, even in his older years.

  26. The only semi-plausible motivation the C's brass might have had is Brown leaving in two years. We now know this is false, with multiple insiders stating that he loves it in Boston and wants to stay. Lowe's article admits that the team doesn't think he'll leave. Things change quick in the NBA, but all evidence points to Brown resigning for the max in free agency.

  27. Speaking of Karl Malone, I find the hate train against him a little weird.

  28. I mean, that’s a little unfair, as I personally would rather wear Chuck Taylors than even Air Jordans and nobody in the NBA has worn Chuck Taylors since I think the early 80s because they’re not very good for basketball. I don’t need ankle support walking down the street.

  29. I think you misunderstood me. I love Chuck Ts. I also love Blazers and Pro Leathers. What I'm saying is that I strongly prefer old school sneakers to contemporary designs. Just because I kind of like Jordan 35s doesn't mean I'd ever choose a pair of those over classic 5s, especially with Nike Air branding on the back. Basketball sneakers just aren't made like that anymore.

  30. Right, if I wasn’t clear on this, I think a lot of it is because they’re made to be basketball shoes more than anything else. Chuck Taylors we’re originally designed to be basketball shoes but that was in the 20s and now they have a hundred years of being worn for all different purposes. Also, of course, Airs are iconic (and it doesn’t hurt that the earlier models were relatively spartan) so it’s a little like saying “man, I love The Cosby Show but I don’t want to watch like Mike and Maddy”. Of course you don’t; one was an ATG, the other is just a thing from the recent past.

  31. Good design is good design no matter the year a product is released. Chucks were a popular casual shoe during the 50s-70s when they were primarily used for sport. Same deal with Blazers, Pro Leathers, Jordans, Reebok Pumps, Questions, Answers, etc. in their respective eras. Any fashion catalogue you see from those years is likely to include them. Even now, you see kids born after LeBron came into the league, kids that have no knowledge of the historical context or significance of sneakers, rock Js, Chucks, Blazers, Reebok tennis shoes, and a bunch of other classics over modern designs because the new stuff just doesn't hold the same appeal.

  32. I've said this before and I'll say it again.

  33. He's asked for a trade once in 14 years, he isn't a flight risk. There's a reason your fan and not the front office.

  34. He left Oklahoma City for Golden State after privately alluding that he would stay.

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