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  1. But Queen is mainstream. He currently has mainstream success.

  2. filling the shoes of an icon who died 35 years ago with the rest of his remaining band isn’t mainstream in the traditional sense but he may prefer it that way honestly

  3. it’s for the girls and the gays and america hates that. im not even joking like as a general rule any music that becomes categorized as music teenage girls or faggots like is gonna get shit on by middle aged white men

  4. The implication of empty rooms means performing without a full audience because of covid, not because of low ticket sales. Look at Adele who had to cancel or push back her entire tour because half her staff got sick. I'm guessing they had no morale to make more music if you couldn't have a stage to perform it in.

  5. whoever planned the tour/picked venues had no idea wtf they were doing. how many people in the general public wanna see brockhampton perform in arenas in 2022? like covid definitely didn’t help but i don’t think it would’ve sold well regardless unless it was marketed as their last tour

  6. Lmao I immediately knew what the link would be before clicking it. I don’t think that shows Ecco hating his fans, that dude was just a weirdo

  7. i met him at a show a few months ago and he was super gracious. i felt awful for him though, there was a point where he tried to walk down the street/get some room from the crowd and like 30 ppl just fast walked/ran after him down the street. shit was weirdd

  8. Grab your popcorn boys, the response on this one's gonna be interesting

  9. summa these mfs b like i miss when bladee and ecco were extremely depressed and not GAY

  10. They made better music and were less cringe, happiness doesn’t= good aesthetics or music get the fuck over it

  11. I love how her laughing can be confused for crying, and vice versa…every time

  12. this scene was so disturbing to me because i think it’s both. she starts her fake crying to guilt trip him when he’s leaving her and then can’t help but genuinely laugh when he trips

  13. To say he is “flopping” in general is asinine, but I don’t think it’s crazy to discuss if he’s past his peak, maybe “flopping” compared to his previous achievements. I mean the man went from a number one album with three number one hits one of which is literally the biggest song of all time, to a number 2 album with no real “hits”. He had a song with one of the biggest artists in the world with Post and even it went nowhere. He’s not really “flopping”, and I absolutely could see a song growing or becoming huge later in, and I’m sure he can still maybe get number one with physicals, but even if you factor in the follow up to AH not doing as well, this is still falling short of that for now.

  14. After Hours definitely felt like the culmination of everything after being a fan of his for 5+ years before that. i don’t think he’s gonna top that era commercially and that’s completely fine because very few artists ever get an era that huge in the first place

  15. Some are more cohesive than others, but all their albums have something to offer. They're underrated songwriters. The problem is that the overhyped TOTBL has always been used as a club to beat them with, even by their own fanbase. Which is lame

  16. idk i think it really is that good but that doesn’t change that antics and el pintor are also v high quality and imo they haven’t made a bad album aside from marauder

  17. White Stripes is the obvious example I was forgetting (though there Meg was generally seen as a “backing” member rather than an equal partner like the examples I had cited)

  18. yea for all the meg hate you can deny they made better music together. if nothing else she was absolutely a filter

  19. Not exactly what you're talking about (in fact it's definitely in stretch territory) but on Jack White's first solo tour he'd alternate between an all male band or an all female band on a given night.

  20. Which is wild because people are making drill music over 90s pop songs now.

  21. I think low ticket sales exacerbated existing issues with group fragmentation and burnout.

  22. honestly i think w bh the only ones to have longevity will be kevin, romil/koko/jabari. im really excited about solo merlyn and bearface stuff but i don’t think it’s gonna get big. also a big reason it took OF members so long to make their masterpieces is because of how young they were when they started. earl made idlsigo when he was 21 and srs at 23/4. tyler had flower boy/igor at 26/28. frank made blonde/endless at 27. joba and dom are turning 30 this year.

  23. One time I went down a rabbit hole of trying to find more info about who some of Ru's frequent recent producers were and what other stuff they've worked on and it's way harder to find anything than you'd expect. I'm convinced that a lot of the producers she uses lately are just people from commercial scoring firms using an alias. Like the kind of people who compose the stock background music for ads and reality TV shows.

  24. y r we referring to ru as her when he’s been super transphobic in the past concerning drag

  25. Because usually drag queens go by she/her when in drag, and by their real pronouns (she/her, he/him, they/them) when they’re out of drag.

  26. right, i just think it’s gross how ru goes by she/her while also denying people who r proudly trans a spot in his very substantial place in drag for decades. it’s not like i hate him or anything, queer people infighting doesn’t do us any good and i love drag race, but it’s hard to not be upset by.

  27. i was definitely a stan in 2017 and am not anymore, but i never understood the jokes about why that was so embarrassing? it felt like an inside joke but i don't get where it came from lol

  28. i think they got too big too fast, people got annoyed by the perceived circle jerk and just decided to go the other way

  29. honestly peak bh was the saturation era. Seeing them perform sat2 in a tiny venue before the tik tok kids found out about them was great

  30. bru we were the tiktok kids back then. i was 17 and most of the kids there were still in hs too

  31. Man I remember discovering them after they had just dropped the first saturation in 2017. I was a huge fucking fan during that trilogy, and saw them live during the Love Your Parents tour. Even though I had fallen off from them in recent years, I was always sure to check out their new shit. End of a fucking era

  32. he offers tour was fucking incredible. got tickets for 18 dollars in a 400 person venue and met all of them after, one of the best shows i’ve been to still

  33. Been reading this entire thread after the hiatus annoucement.

  34. It’s just a pretty elitist group from what I’ve experienced. Obviously that’s a huge generalization, there are plenty of Weeknd fans who are perfectly nice people, but his transition from relatively underground R&B to mainstream pop breeded a certain audience who seems to think more highly of themselves because they prefer his trilogy sound and shit on anything new because it isn’t that

  35. tbf he was soooo interesting/enigmatic while starting out and the music was so good that it’s hard to not be nostalgic for it even tho it’s obviously never coming back. i really love kissland and like starboy and after hours a lot but i don’t think he’ll ever make a project again that i’m as attached to as house of balloons

  36. i swear a lot of you haven't listened to older gtbsg x mecha like bloodshed pt2 / schemin / here x now. hes been a part of the lore for a minute so ur gonna have to get used to it. he also produced pollen, all i want, and security, and co-prod songs like acid rain and noblest strive (pollen and security are extra relevant here cause they're both ecco x mecha and I've never heard anyone bashing the production?)

  37. i like mecha and wouldn’t ever shit on him but i do think good luck was kinda a failed experiment and varg x bladee would probs make a better dance album

  38. I loved Some Rap Songs, but hoping this one is more than 30 minutes long

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