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  1. I do, in fact I enjoy anything thatll shiver me spine

  2. "Together, we will march to Eden's Gate. You, don't have to do anything, we'll come for you."

  3. In RDR2, in Great Plains near the canyon, there's a broken down funeral wagon thing with an empty coffin laying nearby. I like to think that's where the vampire in Saint Denis came from.

  4. Ooo I haven’t found this! That would make sense. That spooky sumbitch prancing his bald ass all the way to San Denis satiated from the blood of innocents.

  5. Can anyone tell me which bill this is? There’s thousands to scroll through ☹️

  6. Looks like that tall flowy dude from The Muppets

  7. This is beautiful. We should all boogie more.

  8. They must have watched Seth Meyers last night. Danny was killing it. They didn't want to be next.

  9. Hmmmm not sure electrical was joking. But what is the science of our planet having to much infrared compared to other planets in the universe?

  10. Since the JWST is just under a million miles from earth, the amount of infrared energy put out by our lovely warm planet would be too much for the telescope's IR detectors and would burn them out. It's simply too close.

  11. This line by Kramer alone makes this no where near a least favorite scene

  12. Right? It makes no sense and all the sense at the same time.

  13. Nothing. Just ends like a normal episode. Nothing happens and nothing is resolved.

  14. And while you’re thinking about that, think about this!

  15. Oh yeah? Like that 40lb Muskie you’re always yackin about?! It’s a shame that….your uncle..has a fish market….on 23rd street…and 14th avenue.

  16. This is probably appreciated but not in many people's top 20, but I really enjoy Quigley Down Under

  17. My #1 without question. So many great lines!

  18. I don’t know why the end of the episode makes me laugh so hard when he goes back home and Nandor is so annoyed. “FUCKING GUY”

  19. Lol right? Doesn’t even care he’s been gone that whole time.

  20. I fucking loved the unnecessary emphasis on his toothpick throughout this episode. he had a custom carrying case for that single toothpick, and it is the only thing that’s keeping him disguised from Mark Hamill’s vampire lmao.

  21. lol yes! Hamill’s role that episode was equally phenomenal.

  22. [Mr. Furious tries to balance a hammer on his head] 

  23. He who questions training only trains himself at asking questions! Lol I love that movie

  24. I went through some crazy thought processes while looking at this painting lol. First I wondered, Hart means stag, that's cool - I wonder if this artist has ever inserted deer in his artwork as a nod to his surname! Then I saw the antlers and finally I noticed there were actual deer in the painting lol

  25. I’m glad you mentioned this. All I saw in that same spot was an ROUS from the Princess Bride smiling right at me!

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